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  1. As someone who found this thread because my Chrome profile was corrupted after using CCleaner last night, I'd like to thank BugReport for the submission so I could verify that it actually WAS CCleaner that actually caused all my headaches. I was unaware that a month old version of CCleaner would have such an impact on my (recently auto-updated) stable channel of Chrome. In fact, I think a good number of users would have benefited from being informed of this issue. Perhaps, changing the auto-update message to STRONGLY ENCOURAGE updating to avoid program corruption might help in the future? I wasn't even really sure why Chrome lost all my bookmarks, extensions, passwords, etc until I realized I had run my weekly CCleaner session. I resorted to a year old backup profile, but I'm really at a loss how the ball was dropped on this one. Alan_B, I'd like to note that you really haven't added much to the conversation of this thread. You've been combative and downright condescending. Next time someone submits a bug, how about allowing the devs to address the issue instead trying to butt in? For anyone else, has anyone had success fixing their profile? Much to my chagrin, I've never synced my settings so all I have is a backup of my corrupted profile. I've looked into suggestions of fixing Chrome's SQLite databases, but everything I can find only works with Linux. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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