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  1. Thanks to Kroozer and Dennis. I had simply assumed my computer did not have a card reader, as I have never used its card reader and it is a rather small and obscure port. (Also, my old monitor had card readers built in, which I can't access w/ Windows 8 64bit. Because my old computer had the card readers built into the monitor, I always thought of them as external devices.) Anyway, as it happens, my computer DOES have a little SIM reader, and right now even as I type Recuva is doing a deep scan. (Which is running very slowly, so as per Dennis's comment I may still pick up a USB adapter, but it won't be from necessity.) So, thanks again!
  2. Thanks Dennis, I will try getting a USB adapter/card reader, perhaps from Amazon or Radio Shack, and let you know how that works out. Sincerely, Jim
  3. Hi, I am running Windows 8 (in classic shell mode), with a Nikon Coolpix plugged into the USB drive. (Although I have the same symptoms with my Canon digital camera plugged into the USB drive.) When I start Recuva with the wizard, and select search "File type Pictures" "On my media card or iPod", Recuva finds nothing and returns the message: "No drives were scanned, because none matches with the filter." When I then "switch to advanced mode" and try to pull down on the "All Local Disks" pulldown, Recuva sees only C and D, it does not see my "P300" Portable Device. Over in Windows, meanwhile, using Windows Explorer, the Operating System sees: Computer C: D: P300 - Removable storage - DCIM In the right hand pane of Windows Explorer, the P300 Digital Camera shows up under the Portable Devices group. I CAN access the P300 files, for copying etc, using Windows Explorer and also using my image editor (which happens to be Corel Photo-Paint.) When I "right click" on the P300 in the Windows Explorer pane, I do not see the "Scan for deleted files" action. (That action is, as expected, there for C: and D:.) To be honest, I am having this same issue with the half dozen or so other "undelete" programs I have installed. None of them are seeing my "Portable Devices," even though undeleting .jpg files from digital cameras seems like one of the most commonly asked about tasks on the internet. I have attached a .png snapshot of my Windows Explorer page illustrating the device. Thanks! Jim
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