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  1. That is true.....but, how did they make it work before this last release? That's the strange part. It's a mystery.....thanks again!
  2. Ahh! Ok, now I see why they made the change. Thank you for your reply. I will just have to deal with it I guess. To answer your question, the browser is the Avast Secure Browser. I have been using it for years now and have never had this problem until the latest update for the CCleaner. I could do as you say and just tick the box to not show the message, but it still wont help in the cleaning of the browser junk until I completely close the browser. It's just very time consuming to have to stop what your doing, close the browser, run the CCleaner, reopen the browser, sign in agai
  3. I downloaded the latest version of CCleaner yesterday. Something has changed. When I run the program, it now puts up a message and states "In order to clean your browser it needs to be closed, do you want CCleaner to close your browser ?" - I clicked NO. So, it did not clean out the browser junk. Closing the browser is not an option while I'm working. I tried clearing it manually, but it still leaves a lot of cache files and junk that slow it down This is the first time I have ever come across this with the CCleaner, and I have used it for many, many years. I used to be able to m
  4. Hi all! I have some questions regarding the CCEnhancer. The asterik's after some of the programs, what does that mean? Also, there is now for example a Internet Explorer More*, Java, and then a Java More*? I cannot find any help files on these, any suggestions?
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