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  1. I'm aware of that, but it's not always a feasible option on every version of Windows or Mac. A thousand pardons for making a thread.
  2. Ok thanks. I'm guessing you don't have info on Recuva for Android?
  3. Thanks, I'll check it out.
  4. lol Why not just install Windows 7 for her? While that may be at the core of it, everything from the app system, the new UI for viewing pics, etc. are all huge inconveniences imo.
  5. Thanks, but I was talking more about CCleaner incorporating it into their stock software to be more complete if possible.
  6. Thanks, I knew about that one but it just isn't very complete. More customization would be great, especially if you can have options for editing the context menu in Chrome, Firefox, on different file types, etc. Being able to rearrange options, as well as choosing to remove different options for the same program (like Winrar) instead of disabling them all, etc. are more of what I'm referring to.
  7. Absolute trash imo. Pretty much everyone I know switches their new computers to Windows 7.
  8. Would it be possible to have a tool to edit the right-click menu? (e.g. the option to remove items, rearrange items, add items, etc.)
  9. I use a download accelerator called DAP, and in it there's what they call a trace cleaner, which removes traces of downloads. Here's a screenshot: Does CCleaner already do this? If so, automatically in monitoring or through a scan? And if not can it be added?
  10. Would it be possible to add the option to view and restore previous versions of a file, both present files or deleted files?
  11. Any rough idea when CCleaner for Android will be released? Also will there be different versions (i.e. free, pro, business, etc.) or just one?
  12. Oh I was under the impression it would only scan for the selected file type. Thanks for clearing that up.
  13. Wouldn't it be possible to include it as an optional tool, maybe even just for pro/business versions? I don't suppose Piriform will come out with a small separate software for it?
  14. As it is right now you can only choose one type of file to search for in Recuva. It would be better imo to have the option to search for more than one without having to search for all. A check-box layout where you can choose images AND videos, or any combination of multiple file types. To
  15. Would it be possible to add an option to utilizie more PC resources in order to boost cleaning speed? Examples: Superantispyware: Microsoft Security Essentials:
  16. As it is right now, if you choose to overwrite files, you are unable to view other files in the list and thus preview panel until the overwrite is finished. Would it be possible to do so, and maybe even add files to the list of ones in queue to be removed as well? Edit: Overwriting*. Don't know why we can't edit thread titles :/
  17. Would it be possible to add a feature that removes metadata from all files on a computer (with the option for only images, videos, documents, etc.) and overwrites the deleted metadata? Possibly one with a real-time metadata remover for new files?
  18. Mel2

    Removing Metadata

    That sucks. Thanks for the suggestions. Maybe Piriform will come out with one or incorporate it into CCleaner? Is there any place to suggest it to them directly?
  19. Is there any program that removes metadata from all files on a computer (with the option for only images, videos, documents, etc.)? Possibly one with a real-time metadata remover for new files?
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