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  1. My bank account has been hacked and someone has tried to collect a large amount of money out of it. Bank says that virus remains and to do another full scan straight away. I logged in to my account and the page looked perfectly normal.
  2. Concerned (not really understanding all this, just reporting) I ran a full scan last night with the following results: msafpe.exe prog data RDN Generic back door!vu Trojan Deleted msafpe.exe Documents and settings/All users Ditto ditto Ditto
  3. I downloaded from Piriform as usual. Antivirus is McAfee VirusScan Enterprise + AntiSpyware Enterprise. The file name msi4142exe detected as RDN/Generic, type Trojan which it deleted. This was found on CCleaner64exe. What is NOD32?
  4. I downloaded and installed the new update v4.09 on 17th December and my anti-virus program detected a trojan virus and deleted the file. This is worrying as I have used CCleaner for quite some time with no issues before. I tried to find a way to contact Piriform but was unsuccessful so have joined this forum for their attention.
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