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  1. Hello, Every time I use ccleaner (generally every few weeks or months), I need to look through a big list of cookies. Many of these cookies are repeats that I see every time. There is already a "cookies to keep" list, so how about a "cookies to default delete" list. This list could be added to in a similar way to how you add to the "cookies to keep" list. Perhaps divide the right side into two big boxes. The one on the top could be for "cookies to keep" (with a set of add/remove arrows) and the one on the bottom could be for "cookies to default delete" (with its own set of add/remove arrows). It would still be nice to see ALL the cookies I am going to delete, so when the "cookies on computer" list is built you could include any of those found on the computer and in the "default delete" list and mark them somehow. This could be in a different color, or perhaps like this: abc.com def.net (DEFAULT) ghi.com This would allow me to see what garbage I am building up, and make it easy to see which ones I may not have seen before. Thoughts? Thank you.
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