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  1. OK Winapp2.ini. Thanks for the update. I thought I was the only one having this problem. Good to know. Thanks again.
  2. OK, here is an update. I went into Settings for Google Chrome and cleared out my History there, without using CCleaner, and my extensions were unaffected. Seems like I will have to clear out my History in Chrome only.
  3. Thanks dvdbane for your response. Well, that seemed to have corrected my problem, but at the same time it is defeating the purpose of using CCleaner in this particular respect. How can I now clean out my History and not worry about wiping out my extensions? Thanks again, though.
  4. It appears that every time I use CCleaner, all of my extensions in Google Chrome get deleted. It seems that this started happening when I last updated Google Chrome. What boxes checked in CCleaner might cause this? The extensions that are deleted are: Poper Blocker, WOT, Ghostery and Adblock. Any comments or help would be appreciated. Thanks
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