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    IE 7

    No, I got it off of fileforum earlier today. They were offering IE 7 Yahoo! optimized (only version at the time). It had the Yahoo toolbar, Yahoo set as home page, and Windows Internet Explorer provided by Yahoo! as the title. So, I just uninstalled the Yahoo! toolbar and changed the main title.
  2. TwistedMetal

    IE 7

    Here is mine, I got a slightly different version though.
  3. Check out my sig at the post of this post.
  4. I have tried it on my old pc, you can do it all manually. Safe XP is a program to just do the things with 1 click of the mouse. I like xp-AntiSpy better.
  5. They just haven't released an update in awhile is all.
  6. ctrl+alt+delete Processes End firefox.exe
  7. That is a bug in CCleaner. It doesn't fully support IE 7 yet.
  8. FYI, K-Meleon was suppose to be in the this release. But, due to the short time I gave him (when I sent it to him) he didn't have the time to add it in. But, it should be in the next release.
  9. local settings/temp, there is a bug in ccleaner that currently doesn't clean that folder for some reason. I have already reported it shortly after the 1.33 release.
  10. Yes, it is a false positive. It seems to be happening alot lately.
  11. [lolifox] LangSecRef=3022 DetectFile=%ProgramFiles%\lolifox\lolifox.exe Default=True FileKey1=%appdata%\altimit-dev\lolifox\Profiles\bhh986pj.default\Cache|*.* FileKey2=%appdata%\altimit-dev\lolifox\Profiles\bhh986pj.default|history.dat
  12. Did this happen with 1.32 too? Or just 1.33?
  13. It will not remove any programs or documents. It will just simply clear your recent history of accessing them. It's like you never opened them. If anyone gets on your computer, they can see what you have recently accessed, if you don't clear it.
  14. You can do either one, it doesn't matter. I use the whole winapp2.ini.
  15. More Windows Explorer HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\StreamMRU Not 100% sure, but it is a MRU. MRU-Blaster also cleans this.
  16. FTP Accounts Windows will store login names and passwords when you log into an FTP account through IE. Downloaded Installations When installing some programs, it will copy the setup files to that folder. Incase you have to reinstall.
  17. CCleaner currently does not support excluding of files. Just uncheck the Prefetch box.
  18. I don't exactly know. Even the Microsoft site doesn't say. http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=283084
  19. To Clear Tray Notification... You have to end process on explorer.exe and start it back up. Simply rebooting your PC will have no effect. (Tested and proved by me)
  20. Feel free to run ccleaner from the recyecle bin, that is what it's for. Also, welcome to the Forums.
  21. On the desktop, right-click, New, Shortcut. Browse to Program Files\CCleaner and select ccleaner.exe
  22. It would be best to just uninstall the old version first. If that doesn't work, just delete the CCleaner directory, and install the new version.
  23. Release notes are not yet up. Download: http://www.filehippo.com/download_firefox/
  24. It will remove all uninstall information of your Windows Updates.
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