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  1. Looking at it makes me sad.
  2. Returnil (too) FF with NoScript (too) PC Firewall Plus (too) and hardware firewall soon (making my apartment wireless) AntiVir Premium, also have ClamWin SUPERAntiSpyware Pro Real-time Protection
  3. I'm thinking about selling my desktop. Athlon XP 2400+ OC 1GB DDR WD 250GB HD VTek Radeon X1300 512MB XGE SB Audigy Gamer Lite-on CDRW LG DVD/CDRW Windows XP Pro SP2 Microsoft Keyboard/Mouse KDS 19 inch CRT Monitor What would it sell for?
  4. Going from 512MB to 2GB, you should notice startup and programs start quicker. Going from 1GB to 1GB+, you will only notice a very slight increase. By full power. I mean by default on laptops the power settings are for Portable/Laptop. Right click on the desktop, click Properties, Screen Saver, Power... Your power scheme will be on Portable/Laptop (meaning it's not using full CPU power). If you plug it up on a AC adapter at home, set your Power scheme to Always On. This is will use your CPU power, just if you go mobile with it, set it to Portable/Laptop, otherwise the battery will only last about 2 hours max. Dell should have a Help/Support page for drivers for your laptop. Windows Update may have some of them, but they could be outdated by a version or two. Windows Update is slow about getting up to date drivers. I would recommend this: Run CCleaner Create a System Restore Point Run Disk Cleaner (More Options, System Restore, Clean up) Not many do this and it does up a lot of space over a period of time. Defrag My Computer, right click on C: (or main drive), Tools, Error Checking, check both, Start (reboot) This is will take sometime (don't be in a hurry for it). I recommend running CCleaner once a week (at min.) and do the System Restore clean up about every month. Defrag about every month if you are a heavy user. Do Error Checking about every 2-3 months.
  5. It could be many things... When was the last time you defragged? Last time you cleaned up disk space on your hard drive? Are you running at full power settings or mobile/laptop? Do you have a lot of programs in startup? Is your pagefile to big? Are any unnecessary services running? Do you have a virus or spyware? Are all your drivers up to date?
  6. Well, I thought I would try a cordless mouse (Logitech MX600). I actually find the wireless to have a quicker response, smoother, and not having to deal with the cord on the mouse. I know it takes batteries, but nowadays if you don't have rechargeable batteries, you are still in the stone age. Just wondering what people think of wireless mice.
  7. It shows everything that starts up when your computer does. I wouldn't remove anything unless you know what you are doing.
  8. TwistedMetal

    Flashget 1.73

    I installed it on my test PC, but it appears with the new version. It is all encoded in the program itself and not the registry like the old version. I am off work tomorrow (at work right now) and I will look at it more closely.
  9. I use a latptop and wireless sometimes. I have never had a problem with anything.
  10. He moved it here: http://internetrotsyourbrain.com/rridgely
  11. I started using Firefox ever since 0.97. I have not found another browser I have liked, I have tried ever browser I could find. But, none of them compare to the speed and user ability of Firefox. Actually the same goes for Thunderbird too.
  12. The reason I say is... CCleaner use to have an Exit button, but all in all, it was pointless to have it. Many use skins (the one I use is very popular). I just suggested that because it will probably help out in the long run. FYI, it still cuts off, but just a little. I am heading out to see the new Bourne movie right now. I will start working on the new icon when I get back. I already have an idea of what I am going to do.
  13. Your best bet and would be better anyways. Replace the Exit button with Update, the Exit is in a bad spot, and is not necessary.
  14. Found a few minor bugs. When you move your mouse over the minimize button, the update button takes it's place, and it reads tbk in the taskbar.
  15. TwistedMetal

    Java stuff

    It is ok to uninstall all the older versions of Java, you only need the latest. Keep Java Web Start and Java? 6 Update 2. Uninstall J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 6 and Java? SE Runtime Environment 6 Update 1.
  16. I have Adaware 2007, Spybot S&D, SUPERAntiSpyware Pro, and SpywareBlaster. It's better to be safe than sorry.
  17. TwistedMetal

    Flashget 1.73

    When I get off work tonight, I will look into it.
  18. Ever since Christian Bale was Batman, I have really enjoyed it. I do agree with Andavari about the "normal" looking guys, I just didn't see Micheal Keaton as Batman, a skinny guy with curly hair. I think Heath Ledger will do a wonder job as the Joker. FYI: I saw the teaser at the theaters while watching The Simpsons.
  19. Harry Potter was actually a good movie, better than the other ones.
  20. But, the Buy now special price emails are good. I bought Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 for $10. They have great deals and excellent software.
  21. It can only be HD, if your Video Card, and monitor support it. It would use a DVI-D (Digital) connection. The DVI connection would be a 24 pin plug and support up to 1920 x 1080 resolution.
  22. rridgely, so that means out of 7,278 posts about 78 are actually posts. I know you don't believe a word I post, so I thought I would make fun of you. Ok, I think I am done posting here. It's becoming pointless.
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