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  1. I trusted Pirifrom software for years and my friends have too although my work uses linux and thjey want to use the software and linux is comong a lot more popular now that SteamOS is here (based of linux) and Most of the Servers on the web use Linux For example Googles servers and youtubes and facebooks servers run linux it would be great if Piriform could make CCleaner Recuva and the others for linux as many companys are making more and more software for linux and linux users is growing in numbers thank you piriform!
  2. I think Piriform should make their awesome software (CCleaner Recuva etc...) for Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint As more and more people are using linux especaially with SteamOS just came out and More applications are supporting linux so i think Piriform software should now be avalible for linux also Google and Youtube Facebook and most of the servers that run the internet are Linux. thank you Piriform and thank you Everyone and i enjoy all your awesome software i recomended it to my friends who now use your awesome software just if it was on linux then i could put ccleaner on my servers that run some of my websites and posssibly google could use it too and youtube and facewbook and many other people that use it for servers home use or schools (PS 30% of chinas operating systems are Linux Based not windows or mac)
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