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  1. Hi, This does the same to the recycle bin, I store stuff temporary there and now it gets deleted, even though the box is unticked, please sort this..
  2. Thanks for getting back to me, I thought it strange, but 667 after a clean did seemed a lot..
  3. I have installed the latest CCleaner it cleaned 177 trackers I then went into Edge and open a few pages, I then went into settings and cleared all cookies etc and set clean on exit of Edge..Then I came back to Cleaner and did the health check, where did 667 trackers come from?? either Edge does not work at removing trackers or CCleaner is find them from somewhere any thoughts?? Thx Len
  4. Hi, Just to say the latest update on my window 10 is very slow, never been this slow before, we are talking about a minute sometimes a little longer, just seems like ages. Anyone else have this problem Thx Len
  5. Hi, Yes as stated above tried that.. I will uninstall and try again.. Thx Len
  6. Hi, Is there anyway to stop CC from emptying the recycle bin, tad annoying when I may need to get back a file...I have tried turning on/off the boxes... Thx Len
  7. Hi, Thx for the input... My V5.13 has worked all the time with edge, its just 5.16 that's the problem.. As for Dev team chiming in,,, they should have one permanently on this site to help out..I think that is a disgrace that there is no one..... Len
  8. Hi all, I have been using free CCleaner since day ONE....And I can say that I have NEVER had any problems with the install...NO mailware....I have Nortons installed and if there were any mailware it would have picked it up...I only download from piriform... Yes it did have the tool bar to install..just untick the boxes...Simples... I still have a problem with Edge not deleting in v5.16 But dropped back to v5.13 and they get deleted..But that's another story.. Have a nice day Len
  9. Hi, It may well be Edge, However......Can you please explain why CC ver 5.13 cleans ALL Edge files.......Ver 5.16 DOES NOT.....Just saying... Thx Len
  10. Hi, OK I have tried your theory, I cleaned my computer in CC version 5.13 64bit nothing left there... Uninstalled and reinstalled V5.16 I used the internet a lot with edge, I used my outlook mail and BT mail. Facebook and Flickr... I then tried CCleaner and yes...all files still there....Can you please try something for me When you analize all the files come up, and you then press Run cleaner..All files will go..Can you then repeat, analize are your files still there..??? Because mine are and I can right click on them and open containing file and delete from there...Not sure if it's my HP pavilion 23 it does not like...So unistalling CC version 5.16 64bit and reinstalling V5.13 64bit which I know works... Anyone from CCleaner got any comments??? Thx Len
  11. Hi, all, Strange that CC version 5.13 64bit..deletes Edge files, have MS done something to stop cleaning in 5.16?? Len
  12. Hi, Still no update only solution is what I have done...I have uninstalled CC and reinstalled version 5.13 64bit..which now deletes Edge files.. Don't tick the warning box...about edge, just click yes and all the files will be deleted... Just until it gets sorted... Len
  13. Hi all, Still no luck deleting, I have uninstalled CC and reinstalled version 5.13 64bit..which now deletes Edge files.. Strange this problem has not been sorted yet.. Thx Len
  14. Will CCleaner be addressing these problems?? I still can't delete Microsoft edge cache etc...even in Microsoft Edge settings.. Thx Len
  15. Hi, Yes Been into edge and deleted everything...Still showing in CC and I can still delete files there... Anyone else have same problem??? Thanks Len
  16. Hi, Update, just noticed that ALL the files remaining are Microsoft Edge related...As I say I can delete them manually, but would take ages to do, as there are so many of them.. Len
  17. Hi, Yes tried that still the same..and that it what it's set for.. Thanks anyway..Len
  18. Hi, Previous version same not deleting so updated....Now running ccleaner v5.16.5551 64bit..win10 fully updated.. I run the Analyze and run cleaner..All seems OK to work..analyze again and all still there, I have check folder where files are stored they are all still there and I can delete them manually.. I have shut down and restarted..Still the same..All seems to work OK until analyse and still there....No error messages.. How am I running CC..Just installed and press icon and it starts run cleaner..???? Thx...Len
  19. Hi, Windows 10 CCleaner not deleting any files Just installed new version of ccleaner as old one was not deleting any files...New version still not deleting on cleaning..Anyone else got problems?? Thx len..
  20. Hi, Anyone notice that CC is not deleting flash files in win 8.1 Check yours here.. http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager03.html Thx Len
  21. Hi, Can someone please check if now working, after yesterdays win8 update, I reinstalled CC and now seems to delete all cookies. Len
  22. O/T......My wife downloaded a new version of Java, she clicked on a link that was ad related officially by Google, well if you could have seen the rubbish it downloaded with it, there was loads of ads and a d/l manager and something to view Facebook with that was hard to remove, she now knows never to download anything without my say so. It took me ages to clean her computer, I never click on any adverts on pages, no matter who they are from, if I need to I will go straight to the website direct, I have already lost one hard drive, I don't intend to lose any more. Greetings - Len
  23. Hi all, #35 is not an option. Usually CC works a treat, but in win 8.1 ie11 IT DOES NOT WORK...the main worry is that it is NOT deleting all cookies and especially the tracking cookies they all still sit there waiting to be deleted, but nothing happens. I will uninstall CC and use IE11 to delete, at present a much safer option. I will keep checking for updates. I had to laugh it took me ten minutes to sign up and log into this forum. The Captcher questions is a joke I cannot make out half of them, the thing that made me laugh is the talking version, go on have a listen see if you can make out what is going on. Happy Christmas to those that celebrate...
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