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  1. I reinstalled my sound driver & checked everything out and.... I have sound.... thanks for all of your help everyone!
  2. bwarner

    No sound

    I have a toshiba tablet which was working just fine & suddenly - no sound - right while I was using it. I was switching back & forth between recording some things & listening to some online videos - so I'm concerned that one of the different sound-related programs did something/changed a setting. Now I'm in a world of silence. I have a SoundMax sound card. When I check it out using the audio options in the control panel, it says it's enabled & functioning properly... NOT! If anyone has some great ideas they are willing to write out - please do!
  3. bwarner

    No sound

    Can you explain more of what you did - I seem to have the same problem & would like it solved!! Thanks
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