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  1. Hi! I dodn't know if it is technically possible, but here's a suggestion that would make my use of Recuva much easier: Is it in any way possible to limit the deep scan to a specific range of files, areas on the medium, or the like, in order to "skip" stuff you've already retrieved in a previous incomplete scan? Like when I scanned the first 20% and then the next time I can tell the program to roughly start at the 20% mark? I'm asking because I'm dealing with a 500-gig USB hard drive with several hundred thousands of deleted files, and I simply cannot free up the 24+ hours of continued stable processing time it takes to scan the whole drive in one go. Also, the one time I managed to scan a whopping 50%, I marked all files found for recovery but got the path length error. When tried to through the list to find the culprit files, recuva completely hung up. I guess several hundred thousand files might be a bit much for the list view to deal with, and it's also a bit much for me to deal with in one go, so splitting up the bulk would definitely help a lot.
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