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  1. I questioned the Help Desk Rep, but was in the middle of trying to solve a "not genuine" problem on Win 7 that had been running OK for years. Didn"t want to antaginize because he was in the process of fixing a serious problem that I had spent too much time on already. It is not fixed by the way - it came back within the hour after we signed off. I fully appreciate your opinions but I'm looking for facts. My copies of CCleaner always come from the source site. I've been in this busines since 1947 so it takes a bit to sneek one by me. What bothered me was this particular rep seemed a bit smarter than most.
  2. I was told today by a Microsoft Help Desk Rep that CCleaner is being used as a vehicle for hackers. I have never heard of that possibility and have been using this product on many systems since the original release. I've searched for any indication that the statement is true but find nothing. Anyone at the "home office" know anything or can shed some light on the subject? I depend on CCleaner to keep several Non-Profit's systems runing in good shape.
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