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  1. Wahoo! I figured it out!!! It was automatically saving everything into the administrator account. Sorry that I'm not a computer guru. But, I'm excited to have my photos back from my accidentally reformatted memory card! (All ten copies of each according to how many times I attempted the recovery to my computer.) Now my daughter's bday is not but a memory. It's visible. So, this proves at least that this software works even for the non-genius computer users.
  2. I am not a computer genius. I get by just fine usually figuring things out on my own. I stumped, though. I ran the recovery scan a number of times now. Each time I do, I do not find my data saved where I asked it to be saved to. I have tried to choose different areas on my computer for it to recover to, but to no avail. I see the photos I'm trying to recover (from an SD card) in the list and the preview screen. But, I just can not go any further and actually save them somewhere so I can access them. HELP me, please.
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