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  1. Hello, First i would like to thank the Recuva development team for this great and life saving tool. The features requested/suggested are the following: Add in the Advanced Results Window a drop-down list labeled "Group Results by file's State" containing all the possible file's recovery states(All, Not-Deleted, Excellent, Poor, Very Poor, Unrecoverable) that when selected it will filter Results grid to show only files being in the selected state. Add in the Advanced Results Window a check box labeled "Unique Results" to help eliminate displaying many copies of the same file(Filename) in the same container(directory). The unique file displayed should be the one with the most recent Last Modified Date if it's available otherwise the default behavior will be applied(all file's copies should be displayed). Allow in the "Filename or Path" of the Advanced Results Window drop-down list multiple file selection criteria like : "*.pdf,*.jpg,*.docx" Thank you very much.
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