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  1. Hi all, I've been using CClaer for ages and love it. ONe question though does it clean MSN history and if it doesn't are there any suggestions as to what will? Thanks
  2. Hi, I thought I'd start a new thread. CC is not cleaning out my Firefox/Mozilla cache - it would appear that it's not even attempting to as the message in the area where CC tells you what its deleted reads 'Firefox/Mozilla cache cleaning was skipped'. From the previous thread I've:- * checked the Task Manager and FF is closed when I run CC * my FF settings do NOT request for the cache to remain. I have FF set to delete all privacy information as it closes down, in adition I'm using IE Privacy Keeper http://www.browsertools.net/IE-Privacy-Keeper/ - might there be a conflict
  3. Hi guys, Thanks for the tips - I'm not getting a message to tell me that FF is still open when I try to run CC but I do normally run CC just after closing down FF - I'll try it now and let you know what happens. Thanks I just closed FF down - looked in Task Manager and no FF present, closed that and ran CC - guess what - it still won't clean the cache - says it skipped cleaning! Anymore ideas? Thanks Air-Wolf
  4. Hi guys, I tried searching this - as typed above - and got a big fat zero! Any ideas why my CCleaner is not cleaning my Firefox/Mozilla cache? Thanks for any help you can throw at this. Air-Wolf
  5. Hi Guys, Thanks for the responses - it seems to work really well with CClaner - also seems to clean somethings CCleaner won't - such as the search entries in the google start page for firefox. Thanks again. Air Wolf
  6. Hi all, Has anyone heard of or are they using IE Privacy Keeper bu UnH Solutions (http://www.browsertools.net/). Is it any good? Cheers
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