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  1. OK - I think I may have fixed this on my computer - at least for IE cookies. Even deleting the cookies from IE didn't get rid of them in the list in CCleaner which suggested to me that cookies had been stored somewhere they shouldn't be. I found cookies in the following directory - C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Packages\windows_ie_ac_001\AC\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\DOMStore I deleted all of the subdirectories here and then all of the cookies disappeared from CCleaner. I then started generating cookies and the deletion and saving now appears to be working but I will test it some more. I still have a macromedia chrome cookie that wont delete but I think that's a separate problem. I assume the above problem has something to do with the Windows 8.1 upgrade. If you want to try this I would copy the folders to a USB drive before deleting them just in case there is anything critical in there that you only find out about afterwards.
  2. mta - I don't have Avast Nergal - I have tried disabling this as well and get the same problem
  3. I've disabled enhanced protected mode, rebooted and still cant delete the cookies from the list
  4. Hi I'm having the same issue. Latest version on windows 8.1. Even if I delete cookies in IE they all still show up in the list in CCleaner as IE cookies. Roger
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