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  1. I have CC Cleaner Pro and in the process of buying another computer. I do I re-install the Pro version on my new computer? I realize I will have to uninstall the program on the old computer.
  2. Have installed the program on three desktops all using a cable modem. On two of the desktops when you try to run Health Check Security indicates Unable to reach server and is grayed out.
  3. Tried to update from Version 5.45.6611 to Version 5.46.6652 but get the message "Error opening file for writing" when I try to install the latest version.
  4. I have the latest version of CCleaner and Windows 8. I have the box checked in CCleaner to delete Chrome Internet Cashe, Internet History, and Cookies. However, CCleaner will not delete these items. I get a CCleaner message that these items are skipped. Have tried everything but nothing works. Any suggestions? Upon further investigation, I found the problem. In Chrome Advance Settings, a check mark was in the box "Continue running background applications when Google Chrome is closed." I unchecked the box and CCleaner now deletes the above items.
  5. Same result as Hotdoghary. I unckecked the box "Only delete files in Windows Tem files older than 24 hours. Same result. Cookies are still not being deleted from the delete listing.
  6. Just installed the latest version of CCleaner (V.08.4428) and was hoping this version would solve the problem of deleting cookies from the delete listing when running IE11 in Protected Mode but it didn't. Guess I will have to go back to running IE11 with Protected Mode disabled.
  7. Hopefully the software people will be able to fix this with the next edition of CCleaner. In the meantime, I guess I will just surf the Internet with Enable Enhanced Protected Mode disabled.
  8. I found out what the problem is. When people upgrade to Windows 8.1 and IE11, Enable Enhanced Protected Mode is enabled by default (It was not under 8.0). If I surf the Internet with Enhanced Protected Mode disabled, CCleaner will remove all cookies in the Delete Listing. If I surf the Internet using Enhanced Protected Mode, only some cookies are deleted in the Delete Listing. Using the Cleveland Browns website I mentioned in my other post, I went to that web site using Enhanced Protected Mode and with Enhanced Protected Mode disabled. Under the Enhanced Protected Mode enabled, CCleaner will not delete the cookie www.clevelandbrowns. Going to the web site with Enhanced Protected Mode disabled, CCleaner deleted the cookie. So you were right on track that the issue is with Enhanced Protected Mode.
  9. For example, when I go to http://www.clevelandbrowns.com, it creates multiple cookies in the Delete Listing. After running CCleaner, all cookies are removed from the Delete listing except for one. The listing shows www.clevelandbrowns. When I highlight that cookie, down at the bottom bar it shows the IE icon (the Internet Explorer blue E) next to the words www.clevelandbrowns. That web site is not a Favorite. I can run CCleaner multiple times and it never removes that cookie from the Delete Listing.
  10. Well I thought I had this solved but now I find IE cookies are still in the Delete Listing which are not associated with a web site that I have designated as a Favorite.
  11. After working on this for several hours, I had discovered the problem. After running CCleaner, all the cookies that still show up in the Delete Listing are cookies that were generated by web sites that I have made Favorites. The only way I can clear these cookies from the Delete Listing is to run Delete Browsing History in IE11 and uncheck the box that says Preserve Favorites Web Site Data. However, by doing this I wipe out all the cookies that I want to save including web sites that I use for banking. If this is the only way to clear the Delete Listing, then I might has well uninstall CCleaner. Previous editions of CCleaner deleted all cookies including cookies generated by sites that I had in my favorites. The only cookies that were saved were those I had in the Cookies to Keep Listing.
  12. Does not make any difference whether the box is unchecked or not.
  13. After going to Tools, Delete Browsing History in IE 11, all cookies are deleted. When I go to CCleaner, there are no cookies listed in the Delete Listing and no cookies listed in the Keep Listing. Thus I have a clean slate. After going to various web sites and creating more cookies when I run CCleaner it appears that the cookies have been deleted since when I run CCleaner again it does not show any cookies to be deleted. However, the cookies in the Delete Listing still show up. They are never deleted from the Delete Listing. I even uninstalled CCleaner and reinstalled it thinking that might help but it didn't.
  14. The latest update to CCleaner (4.07.4369) says it is compatible with Windows 8.1. However, I noticed that after updating to Windows 8.1, when I run CCleaner it does not delete the cookies from the list of cookies that are in the delete list. Is this a bug in the updated version of CCleaner? Before updating to Windows 8.1 and the latest edition of CCleaner, when I ran CCleaner and went back in to check the delete listing, all the cookies had been removed. Now the cookies still show up and are never deleted. As I mentioned I am using Windows 8.1 and IE11.
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