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  1. Thanks for the advice. I've noticed over the last couple of times that I've opened Kaspersky it is a little slow to navigate, so perhaps the problem lies there.
  2. I did update to FF 25.0, but i did this after after the problem started. The only other thing has been daily updates of my Kaspersky Internet Security. Perhaps its a problem with Kaspersky, or something went screwy with my computer in general. Other applications still seem to be running fine.
  3. Last night I ran a scan before turning off my computer, and it ran quickly. Then this morning I tried to run a scan, and it was slow. It seems that 95% of the time it is slow, but every once in a while CCleaner will open and run smoothly. @Jamin4u Tried it, and it didn't work. With the old version (4.06.4324), the first time I ran it it was slow to open, and the scan took one minute to clean 7MB. Second scan, it opened quickly and took just a few seconds to clean 2MB. This seems to hold with what I wrote above in this post--sometimes it will run quickly, but mostly it is slow. Thanks again to everyone for trying to help me with this. I'm beginning to think I may just have to deal with a slow CCleaner.
  4. @Nergal I checked, and the target already is (copy/pasted): "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe" @Alan_B Perhaps I used the wrong terminology. I downloaded the ccleaner .exe file from filehippo, double-clicked it and ran it. What I meant was that I didn't uninstall the old version of CC first, which I never have done. However, since this all started I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled CCleaner twice.
  5. I've udated KIS daily. I was runing FF 24 when this started, but have since updated to FF 25. I added it to the exclusion list, rebooted, then tried to run CCleaner. I had the Task Manager open while I double-clicked the CCleaner icon. First the process ccleaner.exe*32 appeared in the running processes list, and after about 15 seconds ccleaner.exe*32 was replaced by ccleaner64.exe. Even though the process was listed, it still took about 45 seconds for CCleaner to actually appear on my screen, after which the "Analyze" and :"Run Cleaner" buttons remained unclickable for about a minute and a half. I closed CCleaner and clciked the icon agan. This time CCleaner started quickly, but when I ran a scan it took 275 seconds (about 4 1/2 minutes) to clean 14.6 MB. I kept my eyes on the Task Manger while it was running, and total CPU Usage (all processes) remained below 35%. I checked, and that option is already unticked. As I've run the scans, I've noticed the three places it seems to go the slowest is when cleaning Firefox, cleaning Google Chrome, and cleaning Taskbar Jump Lists.
  6. In my last post I mentioned that I was running a full system malware scan. When it was finished (it didn't find anyhting), I cleaned out IE from within IE, then made sure that Firefox and Chrome were not running in the Task Manager. When I opened CCleaner, it opened quicker, and it cleaned out 35 MB's in 55 seconds. A few minutes later I ran another scan, and this time it cleaned 13MB's in 49 seconds. Did a third scan minutes later, it cleaned 14MB's in 99 seconds. (In between scans I got on Firefox and surfed a bit, but made sure it was properly closed before startign each scan.) That last scan was a bit slow, but still better than takng 3 minutes to clean 18 MB"s. It seems slowest while cleanig Firefox. CCleaner does seem to load much quicker, taking 5 to 10 seconds from the time I double-click the icon. EDIT: I spoke too soon,perhaps. I did some stuff on the web, then decided to run CCleaner again, and it took about 45 seconds to load. When I started the scan, after about 2 minutes it was still at around 27%, when I canceled the scan, whereupon it froze and I had to close the program by stopping the process in theTask Manager. First it seemed to stick for a while while cleaning "taskbar jump lists", and then it slowed down again while cleaning Firefox. I'm going to try unistalling/reinstalling CCleaner again. EDIT 2: After re-nistalling, first time I opened CCleaner, the program popped up quickly, but the "analyze" and "run cleaner' buttons remained grayed-out/unclickable for about a full minute. I closed the program. Since then I've tried two more times, and they are only grayed-out for a couple of seconds, and the ensuing two scans have gone relatively quckly. Just to answer a couple of the questions I was asked: It was all processes combined (other than System Idle Process). Accoridng to CPU-Z, I have 2 cores. I don't remember, but I made have opened the log and copy/pasted it while CCleaner was still open (but had finished scanning).
  7. To err on the side of caution I am runing another virsus scan, this time with my scanner set on High. This scan will take a lot longer than a normal scan, but I want to rule out malware as a culprit. @Alan_B When I started haing problems with the slowness of CCleaner I did open the Task Manger to see what the total CPU usage was (thinking that maybe someting ws hogging a lot of resources), but the CPU usage wasn't very high, ranging betwen the mid-20% and mid-40% range, even while I was dealing with the slow CCleaner, so I don't think that it's a matter of anothe application hogging resourcres. @ dvdbane CCleaber did seem to run faster in safe mode, but I'm still trying to figure out why it is slow outside of safe mode.
  8. No, secure file deletion is not set, just normal deletion. No, wipe free space is not checked. I don't think this is the problem. Sometimes Firefox does fail to close properly, but when this happens CCleaner will show me a message whuile cleaning asking if I want to close Firefox before continuing the scan, and this message did not pop up. Also, this would not explain the general slowness of the program (opening and closing it, etc.)
  9. Nergal, thanks for the response. Here is the log file:
  10. I have CCleaner v4.07.4369, and I am using a Windows 7 64-bit pc. I recently downloaded CC v4.07.4369 over the previous version of CC, and it worked fine for a couple days. Then two days ago, when I double-clicked the CC icon on my desktop, it took forever for the program to pop up, and then when I tried to run a scan it froze at around 26% for a couple minutes. The entire scan usually takes a matter of 15-20 seconds for me, as I run it regularly to keep clutter to a minimum. I canceled the scan, closed the program, opened it again (which took a long time), and then tried to run it. Again it froze around 26%. The problem till persists. When I click on the icon it takes a while for the program to pop up on my screen, whereas it used to pop-up in seconds. When I ran CC in safe mode, it seemed to run a bit faster. I made sure the “wipe free space” box is unticked, and I made sure that I am using “normal file deletion” and not secure deletion. I uninstalled an re-installed CC, but this didn’t help. I clicked ”restored default settings” in the advanced options tab, and since then the program seems to load a little quicker, but the scan is still slow, and always freezes a bit in the 20% range. If I let it go it will finish, but it takes longer than usual. I’ve heard that some security software can interfere with CC, but I’ve had the same security setup (KIS 2014) or a while with no problems. Speaking of KIS 2014, I ran a full virus scan, which came up clean. Also, my other programs seem to work fine, it's just CC that's slow.
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