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  1. When a Drive Wiper-> "Run Free Space" has to be interrupted/stopped, for whatever reason, CCLeaner will start from scratch when the same task is re-started. At least, that is the impression I get. It would be nice if CCleaner remembers/records what has been done, or first check what should be handled only, i.e. not start from scratch, so the task is finished more quickly. Vainly tried to find earlier threads suggesting this, likely I am overlooking them. =
  2. I stumbled over this 'older' forum thread - because for me, as well, it was a bit unclear. https://www.piriform.com/legal/software-license/ccleaner-professional says // 4. UPDATE SERVICES Subject to your payment of the applicable annual update fees and support fees for the relevant year, Piriform shall from time to time, via its website, make available new versions of the Product for you to download and use (the "Update Services"). // I have not yet been able to find the amounts of the 'applicable annual update fees' and/ or 'support fees'. Maybe they are identical to the initial purchase price? Often users have multiple PC's. Piriform may consider to introduce 1 license for 1-3 pc's and 1 for upto 5 etc. = april 2014 discount $5 -> $19.95 .. later: I found additional info on Newegg - under reviews of CCleaner Pro. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16832992001 Piriform should indeed state that it is an annual fee. a) It is not listed at the download page : http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download when I click on 'Buy' on the basket-page, there is not a single word about annual subscription. =
  3. Indeed! To be honest, 'context menu -> secure delete' actually is the only thing that makes me hesitate to buy a registration for a pro version. CCleaner already is so complete... it is a bit of a 'surprise' that Piriform sofar haven't included it. =
  4. Maybe this has been asked before and I am overlooking earlier requests. If so, I am sorry. What about an option to run CCleaner on Recycle.bin "Once" at "Start up" or "Shut down" ? e.g. something like: Options Advanced __ Delete files in Recycle Bin once at start up __ Delete files in Recycle Bin once at shut down -
  5. Ah! Many thanks, also thanks for the link to the other forum post. All clear now. Frankly speaking, as for the "Options\Settings" applicable for "Cleaner\ Windows tab\ Advanced\ Wipe Free Space" : as this element is a bit 'hidden' I guess this is not quite clear for a starter/occassional user. At least, *I* wouldn't have figured this out, without you telling me. Maybe it would be more 'obvious' when the drive-tag-boxes moved from Settings -> Wipe Free Space. Something like this Ah well, newbie talking here.. Anyway, thanks again! =
  6. Further to the above, if one wishes to wipe free space on e.g. drive F, then it seems that drive F has to be tagged both under Tools and Options ? =
  7. Ah, thanks! I didn't look there. Under 'Tools' and 'Options' I noticed roughly the same things(?) Wipe Free Space. Absolutely no offence meant(!) But for me these two screens, to some extent, they look as if they include similar components as far as drives are concerned. Meaning to say that one might to remove the "Wipe Free Space drives" -part from 'options' and move the " [_] Wipe MFT Free Space " option to the tools section. Or am I wrong here? Maybe one day, the context menu item will be added... By the way: I know there is an explanation onf "Wipe MFT Free Space" on http://www.piriform.com/docs/ccleaner/ccleaner-settings/changing-ccleaner-settings However, when most of the files are wiped and drive wiper is run (wiping free space), does this "Wipe MFT Free Space" still make sense? Likely it will take extra long to finish a task. Without this option file- and foldernames are listed with 'ZZZ's - so I wonder about the real use of it. thanks again! =
  8. Up front, I am a newbie. Since short I have been using CCleaner, specifically using the 'Wipe Free Space' module. I think it is very good and also quite fast, whilst comparing it with few other tools (payware). Really nice is that it renames the path and filenames to a bunch of 'Z'-s. Sometimes wiping tools leave the pathname in place: it shows up when running undelete tools (deep scan). Recuva deep scan will show what I mean. Whilst using some other tools the filenames may be a a number of characters or digits and also the files may not be recoverable, but often the pathnames remains untouched. They therefore may reveal the nature of the files, even though the files themselves can not be recovered. I think the 'Wipe Free Space' deserves a bit more light to be shed on That said, I may be overlooking it: is there no option to wipe Files ? If not, I guess it would be a nice enhancement. Thanks! =
  9. ccw62

    Folder paths

    When recovering files (Recuva Free, latest version), the folder paths are not restored. What am I doing wrong? Or is that feature not supported? Seems to me there will be an issue when restoring identical files then. Thank you! =
  10. Up front: I am a newbie and am using CCleaner (portable) just once in a while only. Now, if my memory serves me well, I made the below mistake in the past as well. I know, this is quite stupid, but I guess I donot use CCleaner regularly enough to remember it, or, whilst busy going thru all the different components of CCleaner, it simply happened. I donot CCleaner, I am the only one to blame. Period. That said,it is nonetheless pretty frustating... : in the de-selecting process I -regretfully- overlooked the 2nd tab [Applications] Therefore I lost quite a lot of settings (such as MRU's) and have to set them them back, one by one. Again, it is my mistake, I only paid attention to the first tab. Q: I wonder whether it would be possible to include some kind of 'protection' or 'backup' (or whatever), default enabled, so users may be able to re-instate all, or selected items? Or (but that would be a total overhaul) have all items deselected by default and users have to select what they want, i.e. it is then by default a user's decision what to clean instead of CCleaner's decision. Thanks, =
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