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  1. NERGAL, you said the same thing to me a year ago.
  2. I have quite a few cookies on the Safari browser but the latest Ccleaner does not list any. There is no way to save the cookies you need. Also it seems Ccleaner is not cleaning cookies at all (yes, cookies is checked for both Safari and Firefox). Ccleaner seems to be getting worse with each version. In Sept. 2017 I reported that Ccleaner was taking a long time to clean and it still is.
  3. Hi again, as you can see Ccleaner started cleaning once more but is very slow for cleaning 300 MB. It used to be extremely fast with the solid state drive on this computer. Edit: 143 seconds to clean 900MB. Extremely slow. 218 seconds to clean 1000 MB. 12/30/2017
  4. Nergal, thank you for your reply. Yes OS X 10.13 came out on Mon. the 25th but what does that matter? It’s not like no one knew about it. This is not the first time OS X has upgraded and CCleaner has lagged behind and would not work with it for sometime. I do have Pro but it is over a year old but since I did pay for it, I expect it to work. Everything else on my computer is working with the new system. Everything that needed upgrading did it before the release date of Sept. 25th. Why is Piriform not on top of things, again?
  5. Hi everyone, long time user of CCleaner (PC and Mac). CCleaner Pro 1.14.451 will Analyze Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra but it is not cleaning it. The little wheel spins and spins and nothing else happens. Is it because of the new file system with High Sierra?
  6. I had used CCleaner for many years while I had a PC. I switched to a Mac a few years back and was quite happy when Piriform brought CC out for the Mac OS. I do hope they update CC to work on 10.9. Since Mavericks is free to upgrade, there will be a lot of Mac users waiting patiently(?) for the CC update. Does anyone have an idea when that will happen?
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