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  1. hi nergal yes i know about that but generally there will be more than 4 or so chrome.exe processes running in task manager after closing it ,we have to end them selecting individually so its a bit troublesome and time consuming ,however if you exit chrome from notifications all these processes will end automatically hence its a faster and better way of doing it. thank you
  2. hey guys i have experienced the same problem ,its very simple to solve it.as u know when you try to run ccleaner then a small window appears to close google chrome even though its closed and if we proceed the history from other browsers is deleted but chrome history remains,so here's the solution. after closing the google chrome window,check for notification of chrome in hidden icons in task bar,,there u'll find an icon of chrome right click on that and click exit. now your chrome history will be deleted along with other browsers. u can also unmark to run chrome in background.i hope its help full thank you.
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