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  1. Er... And... Thanks. Your programs are really helpful, safe, beautiful, light (in the sense of the file size), fast and easy. All we want and need. I've installed all of them.
  2. Thanks for the quick response (support), although the program is free. I appreciated I can help if you need some help. I recognize your (Piriform team) potential. Thankfully, Rafael.
  3. I've just downloaded the Speccy today to check which is my memory's DDRx and I stumbled on a bad translation :\: See: Summary changed to SUMÁRIO OKAY Operating system still with no translation. A topic named FOLDERS OF SYSTEM inside of the "Operating system" is named "PSATAS DO SISTEMA", when the correct is "PASTAS DO SISTEMA". Folders = "pastas" (in portuguese/br) http://www.wordrefer...com/enpt/folder http://www.linguee.c...ion/folder.html http://www.bing.com/...r&from=en&to=pt http://tradutor.baby...gles/portugues/ not psatas :\ Secity options s
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