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  1. free alternative: boot LiveDVD run firefox surf interweb some LiveDVDs can be imaged to flash usb drives for superior performance
  2. Please update board software (or submit customer feedback) to enable form field to accept other than BASE Jabber ID paying4smstexting@sheeple.twit which would include the desired xmpp resource xmpp.texting.zero.cost@smart.smartphone.ftw/hooray_enlightenment
  3. I'm not interested in local machine software egress filtering. For everything else there's $0 pfSense http://pfSense.org $200 used box including dual NIC (at least: core2duo, 4gigs ram, preferably ssd for silence) pfSense can be a roll your own hardware firewall appliance. With its own package system one can easily add snort et al without the tiresome upselling of untangle. I prefer other strategies to secure the windows user desktop
  4. Oh thank you, DennisD, for sharing that. It's not hijacking to make others aware of similar harm. Drawing the right eyes to the problem will help make them suffer justly drive them into oblivion. HOSTS abuse ought be a measure of last resort. Confront morally weak or intellectutally impaired "free" software developers: re-educate them on the correct use of the word 'free'. Do insist mobile markets add a seperate category for the adware flavor of malware. Insist developers honestly label their malware. If they believe it's a choice for the public insist they also offer a non-malware installation wrapper executable/zip. Please share your list. Some people volunteer to update HOSTS lists, RBLs, and other public service resources. Is it equally nice to know one can not-bother to include that functionality in such malware installation wrappers? That is a specious claim. The switch is a potential -- by construction it is unlikely. It allows them to purport the illusion of integrity that you are eager to believe is real. Please name them to help others help the world be a less evil place. adware is antithetical to free; the COST of adware is too high: injured privacy = injure liberty. @mod necessary necro: public service malware defeat * this form field prevents firefox autospellcheck
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