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  1. Yeah, same here. Some MP3 Players have solid-state memory in them. Puts my Zen 2.0 to shame...
  2. Hey dude, your hanging here now? Cool! This is an awesome place.
  3. Most places say in their TOS that you can't like files link from outside. They get pissed when you do. It's more like you are using their space and bandwidth but no webpage and that isn't the purpose.
  4. Admiral Ross


    *** Technology is GREAT when it WORKS ***
  5. Thanks for posting these. I currently use TCPview from Sysinternals. I like the CurrPorts and the What's Running is cool too.
  6. Admiral Ross


    Another thing. If memory serves me correct when dual booting that's what you are doing, Linux needs to have the master boot record. Windows won't know what the hell to do with it if it sees Linux in there. If you are gonna dual boot, I'd have all hdds formated for fat32. You'll be able to access all info on all drives no matter what os you use. Good luck,
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    HA! Try reprogramming those things all day long. I used to TFTP custom firmwares to them. The older versions where more stable. Since they moved to faster chips they get hot way too quick and force them to become unstable. If I do get one, I will cut a hole on the top of it and solder in a 80mm fan to it. There are mods out there show you how to do it.
  8. DNS Stuff you want to use for external sites or IPs. It won't do you any good internal/intranet wise. If your router is set to factory defaults which I hope not. You'll be presented with the login box, username: blank, password: admin. Now, if you set it to something and don't remember then you'll have to reset the router. If so get the paper clip handy. Inject the paper clip into the pin hole and hold in for a 30 secs. Power it down and wait 30 secs then power it back up.
  9. Did you run & crimp all the cable yourself? Why did you do that? Didn't you get a wireless router? I'm gonna assume, no since you are running cable. Well, if that is the case then you'll have 100 mb/s all the way around. LMAO! Yeah, right! The ball and chain......
  10. A mess isn't even the word! I used to be a Cable Tech! Not fun! Ceilings/walls/floors what a dirty job!
  11. Sometimes running CABLE all over the place isn't an option.
  12. Admiral Ross


    Same here, I've had a few that were DOA. You are gonna get that sometimes with any piece of hardware. BTW, where have you been hiding? Haven't seen you around much lately?
  13. Yeah, I wish someone would make a plugin for Trillian that would do that. I have it check all my email accts now. It will show a list of what is there. You can delete them but not on the server side.
  14. Thanks, this will be great in a domain environment. All you need is a log in script when users login to the domain the script just pull this down and install it to their desktops..........YAY!
  15. Admiral Ross


    Thanks, That's what I'm here for. Anyone else need this kinda help just let me know. I'm good with hardware and networking, that's my speciality. From the sympthems it sounds like it was faulty. Sometimes hardware is DOA. It's a b*tch especially when you give a client this hardware you look like an a$$. But, those are the breaks in the business. Yeah, it's awesome that you got $20 back for all of your troubles.
  16. Hello All! I've been thinking about this for a while now. I'm done a lot of research. I'd like a device that I can use WIFI internet, and watch movies on. Also, be able to sync with a cell phone. I've looked at 2 device for this but they are lacking features. 1. Zune Plays movies & music, but no internet 2. PSP. Plays mvoies, music, games & internet, but no phone support. Also, not enough storage. Now, I'd like to use GPS as well and tie all that in for WIFI tri angulation. Does anyone here have any other ideas or solutions. Thanks
  17. Admiral Ross


    My fiance computer is w3503 and it had some problems fresh out of the box. I reinstalled the OS and dropped in some more memory and now it works fine. I'm gonna be adding more ram put in a agp 8x vid card in it and replace the celeron d with a pentium d. Her machine will be done after that.
  18. If the case is big enough you can start by putting the mobo in and then the PSU.
  19. First off what is this box going to do? Once the box has a purpose then you can work around that purpose. Next is budget. How much loot do you have to spend. That is the *KICKER*! Next you are talking about burning in the machine. If something is faulty on the mobo the 1st 24 hrs it will show. I do it this way when the machine is all built all parts are inserted and everything is working. I just leave the system on and then run MEMTEST86. The box sits there and tests memory the entire 24hrs. 2 things I will know when it's all done. 1. memory is either good or bad and 2. mobo is good or bad any other components failed along the way.
  20. Usually this means that the hard drive is going. However, you indicated that these laptops are new. You can turn off the SMART feature in the BIOS and see if the error returns. I don't understand how software and produce this error. This is a hardware error. That message your getting is from the SMART electronics on the hard drive. The hard drive is failing and some diagnostic are out of the designed threshold. Did someone drop the laptop?
  21. Admiral Ross


    This is great for school. You don't have to have your FF cache and cookies all over the campus computers.
  22. Well in my case of my fiance she has 1 gb but she has onboard video so her main memory drops to 880. So when I drop in a new AGP 8x card in there it will release the memory back. Plus it will improve system performance.
  23. The higher end Conroe processors are labeled as the E6600 and E6700 Core 2 Duo models, with the E6600 clocked at 2.4 GHz and the E6700 clocked at 2.67 GHz. The family has a 1066 MT/s front side bus, 4 MB shared L2 cache, and 65 watts TDP. These processors have been tested against AMD's current top performing processors (Athlon 64 FX Series), which were, until this latest Intel release, the fastest CPUs available, and the vanilla Conroe boasts much faster performance.[1] Overclocking results show that the E6700 and E6600 are stable when overclocked to 4 GHz with air cooling and to 5.4 GHz with liquid nitrogen cooling, despite having locked multipliers.[2] At launch time, Intel's prices for the Core 2 Duo E6600 and E6700 processors were $316 USD and $530 USD each in quantities of 1000. Price on Newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16819115002 $509.99 Right now. Pricewatch: http://www.pricewatch.com/cpu/core_2_duo_e6700_2.67ghz.htm Starting out at: 526.50
  24. port 61 is IMAP, EMAIL, https is your SSL, 110 is POP3, svchost.exe, is your system, 888 is the process ID. 1048, 47, 46 are you local outbound ports, which are random. Here is a listing of ports http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tcp_ports http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_udp_ports
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