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  1. Sorry if I cause any trouble, I downloaded CCleaner from other sites, and it already pack with winapp, sorry to bother anyone. Another worse thing is my computer start crashing, still not sure it's cause by CCleaner, but I cleaned reg also, here's the backup file ~reg backup file removed by moderator just FYI
  2. You're right, it's ccenhancer, maybe it's the problem of ccenhancer.
  3. Sorry guys This issue had comfirmed NOT caused by CCleaner or winapp it caused by a program call "lingoes" and crash problem is caused by flash sorry to disturb you ---- I'm using XP SP3 Not sure if CCleaner cause the problem, but before I'm using the "clener" function to clean some files, the problem never happened. If I open a file folder through a shortcut, in task manager, there will be a axtra explorer.exe, it should be close when I close the folder window, but it didn't, I have to manully close the second explorer.exe or I can't open a new window through a fo
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