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  1. Hmm, but it's not a big problem, as you said: i can uncheck it! But if i posted this problem, it was cause i thought it was a mistake! ( like it was, in the past, for "utorrent more" ) But you're right, for each new update, it's better to analyse first!! BTW: thx for the advertize for [Cached File Extensions*], i just uncheck it!! What's wrong with it? I wish that it's not too late!
  2. I'm on win8.1!! And it deletes the whole library! In fact when we "analyse" ( wmp must be closed): The 194 Mo is the whole library!! Winapp2 is supposed to delete craps, for me: it's not craps and it takes a lot of time for rebuild it!
  3. Ok, thx a lot...It seems that nobody uses WMP!!!!
  4. Since last update, "Windows media player ( database)" delete .wmdb in WMP, so make WMP empty of artists and we must wait the build of the files!!! It's not crap files!! Why always change what works?
  5. ???? I don't search responsabilities, i just say that the last winapp2 upadate delete passwords in IE11!! CCHenhancer use winapp2, CCHenhancer have nothing to do in that case!!
  6. Yes sure, it's unchecked! This problem came with the last update of winapp2 (CCEnhancer)
  7. Nothing about IE11 saved passwords?
  8. Hi, it seems that last winapp2 delete saved passwords in IE11!
  9. Yes, i know...but i not seen any answer!! But ok, thx!!
  10. Hi, it seems that "uTorrent more" delete too much files now ( all the settings, language, ipfilter,... ) !! BTW: it's perfect for new clean install, but only for that!!!
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