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  1. Hi Tony (and Mike-lol-now I'm really embarassed) Tony-you, I have discovered, are brilliant (btw) as I've seen a few pages from another site you're involved with (unless you have someone with the same name). Never underestimate your helping me. I just got impatient and nuts with that file. I went back into my RegSeeker-which has several search functions-searched for that file-found it-then went to find "where it was located in the registry." It was in 3 keys-HKCU/Software/Windows/Current Version/Explorer\StreamMRU; HKLM same thing except last was 'UserShell Folders'; HKLM-same except for la
  2. Thank you again Andavari & Tony! I used HijackThis and when my pc rebooted~up popped the sign-on window that had been gone for a couple of years (log-on thingy w/ pass) so I restarted again-that was gone-but that darn file is still there. I tried doing it a second time and Hijack doesn't seem to want to accept the file again. If you can think of anything else for me to try-please let me know. I'm trying not to be discouraged,but this file is insane. Thank you both again. Pam
  3. Hi All, Thank you Andavari, Mike and Tony once again. Andavari~I followed your directions exactly as to the clean.bat 2 separate times and sure enough. The file still appears. I still appreciate your help. Tony~Please excuse my ignorance but on your last post about the autoexec.bat-when I opened it-this is what it says: @ECHO OFF rem rem *** DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE! *** rem rem This file was created by the System Configuration Utility as rem a placeholder for your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. Your actual rem AUTOEXEC.BAT file has been saved under the name AUTOEXEC.TSH. rem My question
  4. Thank you both so much again....but... I entered exactly as you suggested-same thing still. I even tried it again after that and still the same ole same ole. I searched my pc to death too and googled,etc. can't even find a "DC382" reference. I did check out the link you posted, Tony, so I guess, for today I have to take solace in I am not alone. I just looked and I think I posted my logs to the wrong area. Again, thank you. I'll keep checking back. Take care. Pam
  5. Hi Tony, Thank you too for replying. I tried the ms-dos and after I typed the cd/deltree recycled-it kept saying "too many paramters" (which btw I do not know what that means) so then I tried leaving the 'd' off of recycled-but nothing happened. After I restarted once again-sure enough-that same message is there. Now the message is even on my disk cleanup button on the "c" drive. I followed the instructions, except for "Ewido" as it says it's for Win2000 or XP and I am running Win98-if it's safe to try-I will if you think so. Now I'll go to the other topic and post the logs. Thanks again! I am
  6. Thank you soo much Mike!!! I'm going to follow each step as you suggested and then post it to,hopefully, the right forum. Have a fantastic day!
  7. Hi~Thank you in advance if you're able to help me! I tried unistalling & reinstalling CCleaner-nothing changed. I have no clue where this comes from. Running Win98 with all current updates (to best of my knowledge);cable (broadband) modem. This message will not disappear. I did a search for this so-called file~unable to locate it. Each time I run CCleaner this message pops up and then I click ok. It still takes CCleaner 2 times with message popping up each time, to delete recycle bin. Can you suggest anything to get rid of this message? Again~thank you for listening!
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