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  1. Long time PAID owner and user of Piriform CCCleaner. Have a small issue. I'm a Amateur Radio Operator, and my Ham radio logging and communications programs are REAL TIME. I MEAN ....when I'm in contact or just waiting till he finishes his current contact with a fellow ham radio operator, it's NOW, actual just like talking on a telephone. Interuptions are not appreciated. BUT... if CCC starts some sort of automatic checking for crappola, it stalls my computer and I may miss something being said while listening, or worse, pause a transmission in mid sentence till the search is completed. NOT GOOD! So how to I block these searches and only allow Self Instructed Cleanings when I'm using my Amateur Radio and in conversations or listening to someone? This is major bad.....especially if I'm using Morse Code or Radio Teletype. There's no way recover what's been said. So an alternative for me would be. Schedule these examinations-searches for Midnight to 5am (local), weekday only. or Block all searches from 5:00am to Midnight and restore normal operation only upon my confirmation issue a popup to ask if ok to search and if 'NO' ask again in 12 to 24 (user selectable) hours. The searches for trash seem to take various lengths and variable time between these 'stall outs'. . But the best option for me would be "Ask for permission, Do not search for problems till I give permission'. This option probably already exists, I just can't find it so far.
  2. I have Speccy on a different computer than I'm writing this on. I just paid for the upgrade It's asking me to register But I have not received any registration form although I did receive the Piriform cleverbridge email saying I had paid. invoice # ******* (removed by moderator) SO HOW DO I GET THIS LICENSE KEY to enter into the Register form Everytime I try to order anything from Piriform I must jump through hoops PITA!
  3. Yes I got it from Piriform but I can't find any link to Piriform that is a business address that I can email. Been a Piriform user for years and wished to update to the newere version and got mixed up and can't find the registration info. But my bank says they just paid them. There must be a corporate addy???
  4. or it got missd in the mess of other stuff. My card was charged and the account was paid. My bank shows the charge to Piriform Koeln on 9-21 for US$ 25.20 How do I get the license key again? please and thank you. My email addy is {moderated} please send the info to that email.
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