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  1. I worked in software for 28 years and would never let any product be released without it being thoroughly tested. This product clearly has not been thoroughly tested. Do you realise how much time I have wasted trying to find out why my DVD-CD drive was not working, only to discover it was caused by Speccy? Do you think this is some kind of game? Issue untested software and see how many bug reports it generates? I wonder how many other hundreds, if not thousands of people out there right now are wondering why their CD-DVD drive is not working? Would they be able to relate that non-funct
  2. After being so kind as to allow you to change the title of my previous topic (http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=39502) from "Danger! Speccy Does Not Update Disk Temperatures" (or something like that) to a much less worrying title, I have now discovered that this latest version of Speccy stops my DVD/CD drive from working. With Speccy running, after inserting a CD or DVD and clicking on the CD icon in the left pane of My Computer, nothing is displayed in the right hand pane. No errors, no warnings, no time-out messages. Nothing. If I then kill Speccy, the CD or DVD starts to
  3. Are you still working on it? Every day I have to exit and restart Speccy to get it to start updating the tooltip, otherwise the tooltip shows everything at 30 - 32 C when they are actually at 40 - 45 C.
  4. Here you go: http://youtu.be/iy3iGUVOd-E - best watched at 1080p
  5. No. Did you see my photos above? The tooltip said 32C, the actual temperature was 42C and the tooltip did not refresh regularly until I exited and restarted Speccy. So tonight I will set the refresh time to 10 seconds before I shutdown. Then tomorrow I will start the PC from cold and take pictures of the tooltip and the summary window. I wish my screenshot utility could capture the tooltip, but it can't, so I have to use a camera. If Speccy behaves the same way tomorrow as it has the last couple of days, the tooltip will not get updated every 10 seconds until I exit and restart Spe
  6. I used to have it at 120 seconds before I noticed the problem with the latest version. Then I changed it to various times, eg. 60 seconds and then 10 seconds, just to prove to myself that the tool-tip wasn't being updated. I had it at 10 seconds on the laptop when I took the pictures I posted above. I have now set them both to 65 seconds.
  7. OK, this nails it. The problem also exists on my laptop. After startup: ========= The tooltip: The window: After exiting Speccy and restarting it: ========================== So, on my laptop Speccy does not update the tool-tip data unless I exit it and restart it. Let's get the engineers to sort this out - I think I've done enough to show there is a problem. .
  8. Unfortunately, the "standby mode non-monitoring" idea does not appear to be the cause because again, today, after starting my PC, all 5 drives were being reported as 32 - 33 C in the tool-tip, but when I opened the Speccy window, they were shown as 40 - 45 C. I then browsed each disk to get them out of "standby" mode - that's if there were in "standby" - and their temperatures remained unchanged in the tool-tip as 32 - 33 C. I then exited and restarted Speccy and the tool-tip temperatures are now being updated. So there's a problem for sure - I shouldn't have to start the program t
  9. No problem, hazelnut, but I have an update on my installation. Yesterday it was all working fine - the temperatures in the tool-tip were being updated for everything, i.e. the 5 drives, CPU, GPU and MB. Because the tool-tip now displays all the temperatures, I changed the displayed metric to be the CPU, as that is usually the hottest and, using the mouse to trigger the tool tip, it is easy to see the temperature of everything else. But today, although the CPU temperature is being displayed and being updated every 60 seconds on the System Tray icon, the tool-tip is not displaying th
  10. Thank you for explaining that you are not part of the Piriform development team. I hope they do read this forum and take note of what may be a problem in their product. There are in fact 5 hard drives in my system. I display the Western Digital Black 2.0 TB in the System Tray as that is the one that runs hot - as it is supposed to. I was going to say something about the tool-tip of the System Tray icon, and the fact that the new version displays all of the metrics instead of just the one selected in "Options / Advanced". I was thinking that maybe the change to the software, in the very
  11. Sorry about the missing O/S details: XP SP3 32 bit, not fully updated as I don't have Automatic Updates set to update my PC automatically. I wait until Patch Tuesday - or Black Tuesday - has passed for at least two weeks before I dare let MS install their s/w on my PC. And, just to be safe, I also make a system image before letting the update occur. I use Speccy to monitor my hard drives. One of them - a Western Digital Black - always runs hot so that is the one I show in the system tray. When I noticed it was constantly displaying 32C, I knew it couldn't be correct. And it wasn't. That's
  12. It's just as well people don't rely totally on Speccy otherwise there may be a lot of people with damaged computers due to Speccy not reporting information correctly. The current version v1.23.569 does not update the system tray metrics. I have reverted back to version v1.22.536 which does. I would really like to know what kind of software release procedures your company goes through before issuing software to the public. Do you perform peer reviews or have test systems? Basically, I am shocked that a company like Piriform can release software that simply does not work prope
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