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  1. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=40032 This might be related (it recently changed to stable build trouble with that post's description) Also http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=40244 This must be the same issue also maybe
  2. I agree on this, and Alan, yeah, please cut this off from here. You aren't representing Piriform or CCleaner developers, but you jumped into an bug report thread with all your negativeness and 'complaint' talk. It is not that you're gonna be praised if you show arrogance in a thread where CCleaner users unite that have one and the same problem. I hope that you can quit putting your off-topic and criticizing words in here and that we don't need to get an forum mod in here.
  3. Alan_B, 'complaint, complaint, complaint' Everything ok with u mate?
  4. What it has 'to do' with the topic? Problem started happening (corruption of settings file) on the dev build. Because it shouldn't be supported, some people posting here that had the same issue and redirecting here to have people know what was going on (and that it wasn't CCleaner's fault but Chrome) Right now, the Dev changes seem implemented in the stable Chrome release thats why people above me reported their file corruption in their normal chrome. This does actually make it an CCleaner issue; CCleaner last version is unable to clean Chrome and corrupt settings (most people get chrome auto-updated so it will apply to tons of people) so if the devs are gonna fix this they need to update their junk file location to the new Chrome's.
  5. Simple; It is not an Chrome bug. Why not? CCleaner is designed to clean by an defined location of, as example, Chrome's history. See it as; CCleaner ver x.xx was made to clean Chrome's version x.xx's history at (example) Chrome/data/cache/historyfiles What if Chrome developers change the history/cache data location? (internally in an Chrome installation) right, then Ccleaner wouldn't know the new location and so fails to clean, because ccleaner attempts to clean an location where no history is saved anymore (they changed location) And, finally... Dev's version (filepath/history change) will most likely become the next official Chrome release. So, then only a update/filepath change from CCleaner's devs would resolve the new way Chrome stores their history/cache in that version Not hard, is it?
  6. Right now, people are getting these bugs/corruption, with stable (public) release. Why is that? Because, DEV version is becoming the next stable. So why did I report bugs with Dev versions? Because of this. Changes in dev versions of Chrome, (most of them, unless they get reverted) will become implemented in the next normal Chrome release which makes end-users auto-update and have the same bug.
  7. hmm it just worked for me once on a Dev version while last ccleaner update fixed it only for Release Seems Chrome devs has changed something in dev channel that makes the last stablechannel fix from piriform devs work on dev but now it broke Release (stable) for JMR? like dev and stable swapped? ...
  8. If I say 'could be fixed' it's not like complaining/helding developers responsible at all. I just mean that it might be looked into as it's not comfortable to have the Chrome user/profile wiped, thus the reason i report this as a bug. And I'm a developer myself for some projects, so that's why I am used to using the words 'could be fixed', nothing to be scared of the issue being layed down at Piriform, as it's not. I'd like to add, that the report also comes handy to CCleaner users that are starting to use Chrome dev channel (on the chrome install page, 1-2 out of 10 all chrome users have a dev version i guess) they wouldn't directly know its not supported by CCleaner, but as they are used to clean Chrome-m (regular) versions they will not untick the Chrome tab. And then the Ccleaner user will find out their Chrome browser has reset to being out-of-the-box (user profile wiped, settings 'corrupted' popup) and I don't think that's nice to find out this way. But anyways if this doesnt get patched there might be a way to tell CCleaner users that using a Dev version is not supported/their browser will reset/wipe on CCleaner attempt to clean?
  9. Look, you're trying to represent Piriform's point of view when it comes to bug reports, only you're doing that wrong since you see it as 'Complaining' (you write that literally). But all bug reports here are not complaining, but they are an attempt to let Piriform developers know and them to be aware of any issues, eventually posting an solution to the TS. Same is here. But you're saying 'Report on Chrome dev support'. Actually, this is a pre-stage of the official build, most likely the next having the same issue. The Chrome svn source (code, like the configfile location) is a thing apart from how CCleaner interprets it and wipes it. If you take it literally, a change in Chrome made CCleaner fail and corrupt its settings file. So the problem is caused by CCleaner not having the right definitions to not damage a Chrome dev version installation. From this point I am not saying CCleaner should go and support Dev chrome versions, but I am reporting the issue of CCleaner damaging it.
  10. We already knew CCleaner is unable to clean Dev versions. They are not supported. But now, it will simply corrupt an Chrome Dev version's config/settings file. So it doesnt/didnt clean, but if you leave the Chrome tab clean ticked on, (which had no effect on dev chrome anyways) it will provide a new feature: wiping and corrupting your chrome config file, and after noticing all of your settings are gone/emptytab/and such, Chrome will prompt you that the config file is corrupted and unable to read from. Okay, I will not tick Chrome anymore on Dev versions, and will accept the loss of my personalized Chrome settings/themes/plugins ,set it all again. But I do think that this could be fixed, more the corruption which is unasked, even when it wouldnt clean any history/cache, and even when Chrome Dev isnt supported by Ccleaner.
  11. As title says, latest CCleaner isn't cleaning Chrome/Chrome history. I'm not talking about a dev build (where I experienced this before) but the official, stable version of Chrome. So I guess Chrome developers changed file paths again in the latest official version. Only, this version of CCleaner (latest) was released after this Chrome, so that's why I'm reporting this. This means everyone using Chrome (that normally auto-updates sometimes) cannot clean with CCleaner anymore.
  12. Might be, I didnt know, but I never had this with any previous dev builds/beta's... CCleaner always worked fine with them
  13. Hello, The latest CCleaner does not clean anything from the latest Chrome (dev build 31.0.1636.2 dev-m Aura ) I'm not sure if it doesnt clean anything, but the browsing history remain for sure, just like the input history (It will suggest old sentences, words and logins even after cleaning) Again it's Chrome dev channel, 31.0.1636.2 dev-m Aura. I never had this with previous dev versions of Chrome
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