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  1. Hi all, I'm back... with good news: I was finally able to solve my pen drive problem using the link below please read my posting below: Re: cloned a 80G HDD to a 128G USB Flash stick Nov 29, 2014 this link helped me: http://www.techspot.com/community/to...4/#post-875300 Andy ----- Original Message ----- From: Andy Sent: Friday, November 28, 2014 6:16 PM Subject: cloned a 80G HDD to a 128G USB Flash stick hi all, happy holidays, etc. this is an old issue, yet i am still working on it in July 2013; I cloned my 80G HDD onto a 128G USB Flash stick in Sept. 2013; I h
  2. Yes Alan, Thank-you for this detailed explanation. I think this explanation really explains what is going on accurately. I guess that I had a unrealistic picture of what 2012 large flash drive technology was/is capable of. I purchased these two flash drives in July 2012. They are both labeled "Fantom Drives" by? "Databank" {one 128GB and one 64GB}. My computer is a WinVista computer, and I had no difficulty, making an, again, truly wonderful Macrium, Reflect, clone of, it, and its 1 1/2 year old 70GB 2.5" HDD... using the 128GB drive. But I had great trouble making a clone of my landlord'
  3. sorry if you're upset regarding previous quoted post as i haven't mastered this posting system yet
  4. Alan; I'm not above Copy and Pasting my photos/docs/emails back onto my C:\ or if still on my C:\ to my current user name directories.. i.e.; they don't all have to fall into place, so to speak, the way they necessarily were.. such a magic outcome might now be impossible anyway since i changed user names a bit etc. Andy
  5. Dear Alan, I don't quite understand your post... I have F:\ ; a removable flash drive, not an SSD drive.. i think it is marked "basic" because i did a clone, not an image of C:\ ; my HDD I am afraid now to take this: "Make an Exact copy ... " step... because i don't want to lose any prior saved data.. i will try to download the treeview program tomorrow and post a screen shot of that... are you saying that perhaps all my old data is lost? I have a 64GB flash drive in which might fit another clone, so this might be good for an imaging? yet please let me know... plea
  6. Dear Alan, here are my screen shots... Disk Manager and the Green/blue favorites folders... i will try to get the tree program downloaded and running.... Regards, Andy
  7. Alan and Dennis, Yes, I did, -clone-, not image, my 70GB HDD to my 128GB flash drive; And Yes the drives did get their identities mixed up I finally opened Macrium, a few days ago, and looked at the Restore command... but settled for a victory, when I found{sensed} my-, missing since my 2 or 3 instances of Windows Vista Easy Transfer And numerous System Restores, -personal data{e-mails, favorites, documents...} the Macrium side menu asked me to pick a file to Restore... but i was afraid to experiment with this.. mostly because i was thinking that Macrium Restore would only work if
  8. CAN ANYONE HELP!?!?!? Hi All, I was able to clone my laptop 70GB HDD to my 128MB flash drive without a problem using wonderful Macrium Reflect Free Edition. Not long after putting a password on my HP Compaq Presario C552US Notebook PC; i wasn't able to log-on. At this point I was directed by MS to edit my registry profile IDs. But instead of merely only deleting the last (offending) one; I deleted all four of my/the profile IDs in my registry. My Vista OS then went kaput. After numerous System Restores... some giving me hope that all might be well. But despite this/th
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