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  1. Answers to the last two posts. The reason I was using the SHUTDOWN command rather than the /SHUTDOWN ccleaner parameter was that on my old XP machine, the /SHUTDOWN parameter waited nearly a minute to act, whereas, I could code "T00" on the SHUTDOWN command to make it run immediately. I tried removing the "/i" parameter, however, the script did not wait for the ccleaner program to close. It ran my SHUTDOWN command immediately. I also tried using the "/B" parameter to not run ccleaner in another window and got the same results just described. As for the description of the "/wait" par
  2. Thanks DennisD and Alan_B for all your good advice. I was working on this last night and also found my way to superuser.com and other sites which recommended the "start" command. I tried several iterations of it to no avail. However, the advice to look up all the parameters of the "start" command via the command prompt by entering "start /?" yielded some good ideas. My batch file follows: Echo %Date% %Time% %1 cClean and Restart Procedure :: start /d "c:\Program Files\CCleaner\" /i /wait CCleaner64 /AUTO /RESTART :: :: start /wait shutdown -f -R -t 00 The key was putting
  3. Thanks Dennis. When I ran your command as the target of a shortcut, it worked fine on my Windows 8 machine; however, when I ran it as one of several commands in a batch file it didn't seem to recognize the /AUTO at all but also did not open the cCleaner application normally either. Ron Kaplan
  4. I recently installed cCleaner on a new Toshiba 64 bit laptop running Windows 8. cCleaner runs fine if I start it from the Desktop icon; however, if I execute it in a .bat file with the /AUTO parameter, the program opens and closes in a split second and performs no cleaning actions. If I remove the /AUTO parameter from the command, cCleaner opens normally allowing me to interact with the software. I never had this issue on my old XP machines. The command I execute is: c:\"program files"\cCleaner\cCleaner64.exe /AUTO Any advice would be appreciated.
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