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  1. I wish to upgrade to CCleaner Pro BUT how would I evaluate its contribution in identifiable and quantitative terms when compared to the free version?
  2. I had huge quantity of files in Documents and Pictures folders, which I lost under the following circumstances:- Windows 10 wouldn't simply boot from any of the two hard disks. rescue disks, system restores, boot files on and portable drive, nothing worked. Under such hopeless condition, I clean installed Windows 8.1 using my DVD, and activated the installation. Next, I installed Avast Internet Security and Windows Updates. Finally, upgraded to Windows 10. I also checked my 130 GB OneDrive but most of it had become empty, they were not even in the Bin of OneDrive. Clean install may have wipe
  3. Greetings, When a software is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, the download page gives an option to the user to select one of the two versions but in case of Defraggler I do not see any such option. Would it mean that there is no 64-bit version available? When I googled for Defraggler 64-bit version I got positive results (please see attachment) but when I clicked on those links I got negative result. I am not sure what to make of this. Thank you.
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