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  1. Sorry to post a "dumb user" question here, but I could not find a category for CCleaner Questions. So here it is ... When I downloaded CCleaner v5.55.7108 (12 Mar 2019), shortly after it was released, I noticed in the Release Notes that there were some Windows 10 Registry tweaks which would enable CCL to override MS Edge's existing-data-preservation cleaning blocks. I noted this, but ignored it until now, when I went back to find it again. But these registry tweaks were gone from the Release Notes (assuming I wasn't dreaming that I saw them there). Can someone please assist me in
  2. Hi everyone. CCleaner Free v5.15.5513 (64-bit) has two columns in "Options > Cookies". The left-hand column header is "Cookies on Computer", and the right-hand column header is "Cookies to Keep". According to PCMag's "Flash Cookie Cop", "Cookies on Computer" are "Disabled", and "Cookies to Keep" are "Enabled". Does this mean that collecting a large number of "Cookies on Computer" will *not* cause any problems, because they are not "Enabled" until manually transferred to "Cookies to Keep"? Kind regards,
  3. Re: "Come back next day and have a completely defragmented hard drive." I run Windows 7. I would like to see an auto-shutdown performed only after Defraggler has finished. As things stand now, my only option for overnight defrag is to set "Put computer to sleep:" to "Never" to avoid having W7 shutdown Defraggler prematurely.
  4. Windows 7x64 (W7x64) maintains on C: a set of files used most frequently, and which therefore require the fastest access. You can see them on C: if you have Folder Options > Show hidden files turned ON. This file set is called the Prefetch Queue. It changes over time, is locked down by W7, and occupies the disk sectors which provide fastest access. I am unable to find, via Google, any use of "Prefetch Queue" on the Piriform > Defraggler webpages. Therefore, the following question ... What does Defraggler do to the W7 Prefetch Queue files? Anything, via appropriate settings s
  5. I am having the same "can't delete" problems with a Google cookie and a Yahoo cookie in C:\Users\Bozo\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies. ("Bozo" is my whimsical name for myself.) These two cookies always remain after CCleaner removes all others, and I can easily delete them myself (I am my own W7 desktop's Administrator). The Google cookie file is 9RC2RL7X.txt, and reads as follows ... PREF ID=2c7f25d2340aa8f6:U=d8474af25750192e:FF=0:LD=en:NR=100:TM=1393010910:LM=1393018561:SG=2:S=MWYF4DTB7r2y8wPL google.com/ 1536 3686561408 30502127 3899267304 30355276 * NID 67=IbGIBUTP6RKR
  6. Hi. I'm a real newbie to Defraggler, and there is a button next to the "View files ..." selection titled "Benchmark drive." I've tried Google searches on all of Piriform for "Benchmark drive," but nothing shows as listed. Therefore, before I press this button at the wrong time, I'm left with the following questions: How is "Benchmark drive" defined? When should it be used? What does it do? I think a few lines of documentation for this function in the Defraggler docs would be helpful to total newbies. Kind regards, RetiredEngineer
  7. Hi everyone, Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Piriform's "Green Pear" icon? I need it for my menus, but neither Icon Extractor nor Microangelo are able to extract icons from pinned site shortcuts. Kind regards, RetiredEngineer
  8. In my HP Pavilion p6210y Windows-7x64 Home Premium desktop machine, there are 3 related disk and memory partitions which improve performance -- Prefetch Queue (in main memory), SuperFetch Queue (on disk, as a mirror of Prefetch Queue), and System (a disk Microsoft displays in drfgui.exe, which now shows [in error] as 36% fragmented [i don't know where to find a tutorial on this partition]). What I need to know is whether or not Defraggler "knows about" SuperFetch and System disk queues, and therefore treats them appropriately. Note: Recently I ran Norton 15 defrag, and it showed System
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