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  1. Hey MrT Uninstalled every trace of Skype, including purging the registry, and tried to reinstall the latest NVidia driver - got an error message about the HD audio driver not being able to install... Did a clean install of the newest NVidia beta driver, thanks to Kenny at NVidia tech support in Bangalore (great guy who knows his stuff), reinstalled Skype and all is well. Read somewhere that there was a problem with the NVidia driver/Skype and it seems that was the case and running CCleaner somehow made that worse, how I have not a clue. My head hurts. MrT, thanks for hanging with me thru the inquiry. Best regards, R
  2. Hey MrT, Will try as much as I can to isolate the problem but there are a couple of challenges with this approach - sometimes Skype does not crash immediately, and second, I have to use Skype and cannot have the downtime when it does not function. It appears to be working now and I am unwilling to risk this crash again. I have contacted Microsoft just for giggles, which leaves me with little hope for a resolution. I will keep digging... Thanks, Robert
  3. mta, This has been going on for the last 3 versions of Skype and can't count the new versions of CCleaner I have installed, but on my machine, an 18 month old ASUS G74SX, it seems to always be this way consistently which is why I do not run CCleaner much and keep hoping that a new version of one of the software with fix the problem...
  4. Alan_B, I didn't think you suggested it to fix my problem, only that Nodles suggested that with CCleaner + WinApp2.ini there was no problem with Skype so I thought if I fixed the problem I would install the WinApp.ini file and maybe prevent it from happening again... MrT, I believe I use the default settings for CCleaner - I have had it for so long I don't recall if I have changed anything. And Skype crashes if I just us the "Cleaner" in CCleaner - bingo, Skype tanks. I don't run anything else. I have SSD drives and do not muck around much other than with the Samsung Magician which doesn't seem to have any negative impact. And, I do not even know what makes Skype stable again. I can try to uninstall and reinstall it until my fingers are numb and it seems to make no difference, I just keep trying to use Skype and eventually it settles down - not very technical I know - and becomes stable again. Usually that takes a few days to a week. This is a real pain in the butt. I like CCleaner but I am about to give up... I am afraid I am stuck with Skype.
  5. Can anyone send me a link to the latest "WinApp2.ini" file, please...
  6. Hey mta, Still crashing. "Skype has stopped working and Windows is checking for a solution to the problem." Next popup "Skype has stopped working. A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." I have no idea what to do about this... Best, R
  7. Hello mta, I will catch it the next time it happens but it is something very simple like "Skype has stopped working and needs to close." and it closes - full stop and end of story. No other application seems to be effected. I just uninstalled Skype Click-to-Call and things seem to be stable. Go figure... Nodles, I downloaded it from one of the three suggested sites when CCleaner pop-up tells me there is an upgrade available - can't rmember which one. Also, where do I get the latest version of the WinApp2.ini file?
  8. Thanks for the help! Alan_B, I do not know what WinApp2.ini is hazelnut, I am using Skype I am using CCleaner 4.04.4197 Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit Skype is unchecked in CCleaner I just uninstalled everything "Skype" on my machine, again, and installed the newest version - again. This is what Microsoft says to do... And, it does not fix the problem and this has happened for several versions of both Skype and CCleaner. I keep hoping that a newer version of either software will solve the problem but it does not. If I do not use CCleaner Skype will work just fine but if I run CCleaner Skype starts crashing within a few minutes after I open the software. I do not know what triggers the crash - sometimes I am writing an IM, sometimes I am trying to make a call, sometimes not doing anything but waiting for a call. Need to fix this or quit using CCleaner. Hope somebody has an answer. Thanks again for any help or suggestions...
  9. Running CCleaner causes Skype to crash, and keep crashing - help, please... I might upgrade to the full version of CCleaner but I have to use Skype for my consulting and I will not keep using CCleaner in any version if I can't sort this out. Any help would be much appreciated.
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