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    Wipe free Space

    In all fairness, both sides of this argument are/were correct IF you could ignore time and technology advancement. Gutmann's original paper indicated that data should be overwritten 35 times to accomplish a safe wipe. However Gutmann has amended that based on how newer hardware stores data, and now says that a simple scrubbing is sufficient for most situations. So it would appear that john_a's info was correct in the past, but that it is flawed today. Jim
  2. Nice post, Augeas. I was trying to help out, just a little though. I started here with Recuva back at its initial release. Fortunately I have not needed to actually use it ever since then! Though I do keep it ready on my PC. (A seriously paranoid backup strategy usually saves me from equipment failure - or plain stupidity!). I do stop in to the CCleaner forum fairly regularly and for some reason sauntered on over to this forum. Thanks again for a post that cleared a few things up for me. Jim
  3. I don?t know for certain - maybe someone with a better understanding of Recuva can help. Though I still don?t understand why you can't use the recovered files that you put onto the first flash drive and just copy them wherever you want them. Is there a problem doing this that I am not seeing? Jim
  4. Maybe I do not completely understand you, so first let me ask: When you recovered the files onto the second hard drive, are those files being deleted by Recuva? The newly recovered files on the 2nd drive? Or are you talking about the "deleted" files on the first drive? If the recovered files on the 2nd drive are OK but the originally deleted files on the first drive are gone after recovery, can you just copy the recovered files back onto the first drive?
  5. Are there any program specs for Recuva available? Just something that spells out what Recuva can and cannot do? For example, I have not been able to get a successful scan yet, and I have seen some posts that suggest that Recuva cannot complete a scan if it encounters deleted files above a certain size. I know that I almost always have some very large deleted files, but I don't know if that is truly what is stopping Recuva from completing its scans on my PC or not. Mainly because I don't know if there is really a file size limitation in Recuva. Thank you.
  6. Thanks for the reply MrRon. No, it never got to the Processing dialog. During the scan, the dialogs that I posted here in this post appear and then Recuva simply terminates. And I am presently using ver24. Thanks again.
  7. No error log - just quits - with a dialog I posted in another thread - and then immediately closes. I have deleted large files from all three drives. I have not read any official instruction that says Recuva cannot scan or recover large files, but I have seen others post about similar issues. Is this something that will be fixed at some point? If not there's not much sense in me continuing to test, as I will always have some very large deleted files. Thanks.
  8. Just installed and tried to run Recuva, but it terminates just as it completes a scan. I cannot locate an error log for Recuve - not even a folder where it would be. Here's what I am seeing: Clicking on the link for more info shows this: Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. Oops - I sure did! Sorry about that, JD. Caught me asleep at my keyboard.
  10. JD, pwillener: I just noticed in CCleaner>Options>Settings the second selection is "Hide warning messages". JD, is it possible that you have a checkmark in the box next to that option? That would explain the absence of a delete warning.
  11. No such thing as an "Undo" feature for a file cleaning program. Making a backup of anything you delete is the way to go. I always do. Some cleaner programs have this very option - Eg jv16 Powertools. Lets you back up anything you delete just for this kind of situation. But with CCleaner being a free app, we're at the mercy of the developer regarding such features.
  12. Exactly what I came here to report. What happened? I jsut reinstalled the previous version and it worked fine. I'll stick with that till I know a working update is available.
  13. Just to report back, the bootlog in msconfig is kind of funky. After restarting msconfig also opens along with a dialog that says since I modified my msconfig it is now in selective mode, and that msconfig and that same dialog will open with every restart until I change it back. And then as soon as I close the msconfig window it wants me to restart again. That's a circle that could go on forever!!
  14. Hey folks! Lots of good responses! I'm not getting email notification for some reason - glad I checked back in. I'll reply where necessary to each post. Thanks Humpty - this is good info. My prefetch folder has over 5,000 lines in it - never been cleaned out. And this is a new PC - only a little over two months old. I can't seem to connect to your link, though. Good info - I set it to create the boot log, but haven't restarted yet. I'll let you know what I find. Thanks Andavari! I know. There are not many - if any - legitmate apps for this apparently.
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