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  1. Why are there no updates on this? How did the malware version of CCleaner get published?... specifically, did someone at the company intentionally insert the malicious code, was a computer a the company compromised, or was there some other cause for the code getting into the published version? What was the country of origin of whoever setup the malware? While the server controlling the malware was taken down and CCleaner updated, can the stolen data be used to effect any of the compromised computers? What is being done with the data that was on the server? Other than the previously mentioned registry changes/files added by the malware, has anything else been found to have been modified?
  2. I often run CCleaner while I am still browsing in Internet Explorer 11. This saves me the time of securely clearing everything (tens of thousands of Temporary Internet Files files) while I am done using the computer for the day. The latest update of CCleaner does not allow users to clear out the browser data while still browsing... the browser has to be closed. Because of this, I had to switch back to 5.22.5724. If there is a way to clear browser files using the latest version of CCleaner while still having the browser open, please let me know how to do it. If there is not a way to do that, my suggestion is to go back to allowing users to begin clearing out the browser files while still having the browser open.
  3. To me, version 5 is no better than version 4, and everything is laid out the same in the interface. However, the GUI looks awful in version 5 because there is way too much white space, and the lack of color makes the columns/sections somewhat indistinguishable from one another. The outlines for checkboxes in the Windows/Applications column are faint and not easy to see... having a color background for the column (such as a blue that is lighter than the blue for the buttons) would help, and it is a very easy fix. The results/right column would also look better if it had some color. If they aren't going to give an option to use the version 4 GUI in version 5, then they really need to add in some color for the version 5 GUI so that everything isn't so pale and white.
  4. When opening Recuva 1.51.1063, the program scans for my old floppy drive (drive A on my setup), which makes that annoying grind-type sound since there is no floppy disk in that drive. What is worse is that when I try overwriting some of the files that are found on my hard drive (drive C on my setup), the program keeps scanning to the floppy drive. I am not sure if it is looking for updated files on all drives (only drive C was selected), but that grinding sound is extremely annoying. I have a similar issue with CCleaner when clearing free space, but it only does that when I first click on the Drive Wiper button. I did not have this problem with Recuva or CCleaner until a few versions ago.
  5. There are cached versions of website icons for Favorites any websites visited stored for Internet Explorer. I am not sure if this is specific to Windows 7 and/or Internet Explorer 11. Even if you use CCleaner and clear out the browser's cache, the icons are still saved. You can delete imagestore.dat and clear out the image icon data at: [Drive Letter]/Users/[username]/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/imagestore/[Folder Name]/imagestore.dat To do this automatically, just add the location to the Includes section of CCleaner and select the "files and subfolders option": [Drive Letter]/Users/[username]/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/imagestore/ It would be nice if the option to clear this was automatically included in CCleaner.
  6. 1) As Internet Explorer is used for browsing, the index.dat files grow. When CCleaner clears index.dat files, it clears the contents of the index.dat files, but the files are still the same large (grown) size. If the index.dat files are deleted (this would be done by the help of some other application), the newly generated index.dat files are very small in size (usually 32k or less). It would be great if CCleaner could not only clear the contents of the index.dat files but then shrink them down to newly generated index.dat file sizes. 2) Modify the Wipe Free Space option: -When the free space is cleared, there still can be folder name (or path) information recovered. It would be nice to be able to get this information cleared/blanked or renamed to something random. -It would be nice to be able to customize how cleared space is blanked. Possibly, the generated files used for clearing the space could have the date/time custom-adjusted to something other than the current date/time and the file names could be custom-adjusted. Instead of files named ZZZZZZZZZZZ...ZZZ and created with the current date, they could be named with random characters and have random dates, OS install dates, Unix Epoch date, or custom dates. -When free space is cleared, there are many files generated in the process. It would be great if the files generated could be larger in size so that fewer are generated. -It would be great if a Detect option was available so that deleted but still-recoverable files could be detected and then cleared instead of going through the entire Wipe Free Space process.
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