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  1. Thanks Alan, for your info all the cut and paste was completed. I am on windows XP. Well I am going to take your suggestion and opt for "scan for non-deleted files and restore folder structure to s different drive. Hopefully all will be back to normal. Again, I do appreciate your quick response. Need more folks like you to make life easier. Thanks.
  2. I was trying to move folders containing files, pictures, movies etc from one external drive to a newer external drive using cut and paste (folders) however the target drive (newer) stopped working. Now I need to reclaim my data on my older drive (source). I ran Recuva and recognize some of the files like my photos but I dont see any movie names my document name or song names I am sure they are all there. My questions is are they going to be put back in the same folders the way they were, will I be able to watch the movies etc. if not what do I do.I have not done restore of the files yet.
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