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  1. login123 ; I supposed this should be reported then as the temp settings shown in Speccy are -17c difference .
  2. This was posted under Speccy Bug Reporting . Will not happen again as far as mentioning other competitors . Sorry .
  3. I do use several and one that seems to be right on what the system reports is; [Link removed by Moderator]
  4. Am wondering how accurate are the temps being reported by Speccy for say the CPU ? Seems as though they are somewhat off compared to my BIOS which I do have the latest version installed. http://speccy.piriform.com/results/c0DwQN8lBJ1QoxyFlEOYhTW http://speccy.piriform.com/results/JI2qomG0prqG3uwkU0TQNA6 As a matter of fact have used Speccy for quite some time and Temps always look to me as they are always different than what my system reports .
  5. I was wondering if we could bring this issue up again ? I, well not me but my father-in-laws system has sort of the same issue and I am still working on it as far as looking for answers and have tried several so called fixes' and have used CCleaner forever with no issues that I can ever recall but I'm not sure if CCleaner is the problem or not so here I am and this is the only posting I can find that comes close to his issue . Would Someone please advise me if it is ok to open this again is so can continue on with the issues at hand .
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