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  1. I found the wonderful restore path command and am able to restore paths. But some of my many paths are too long and I am faced with "maximum path lenght exceeded" message. It would be nice to have a way of carrying out the recuva on those paths that are not too long. I.e. having an "ignore paths that are too long" checkbox.
  2. I often have a problem with a USB drive that goes like this 1) Windows 7 says that I can't access my USB drive unless I format it. 2) The only way I know of to access my USB drive without formatting it, in this situation is to use chkdsk 3) As reported by many on the internet, chkdsk removes access to files, often leaving the the disk still used and in many ways the files still there, but removing the entry to (partially broken) directory hierarchy. 4) Sometime using explorers search function allows me to find the files and directory structure that has disappeared. It is as if all Chkdsk has done is thought "Hmm, there are a lot of errors in this file structure, so lets be done with it. I will now make the top level folder invisible" 5) So I must then use the wonderful Piriform Recuva in deep scan mode to refind all the files that are still there on my drive. 6) Since my file hierarchy is only just nipped in the bud as it were, and in many ways still there it would seem, Recuva finds my 161748 files almost instantly, in the first few seconds of the deep scan, and then spends another 30 minutes deep scanning for others (it usually finds a couple more files that I have actually intended to delete). A) Please could we be allowed "abort (part way) but not completely cancel the scan, leaving those results for files found already, rather than having to wait till Recuva completes its deep scan? Please could we be given a second, semi-deep scan option. The non-deep scan option finds no files. The deep scan option finds the files instantly and then spends a long time looking for more. If there were a semi-deep option then it might find only the files that are found in the first few instants of the deep scan. Am I making sense? in any event thank you for this wonderful software that has repeatedly saved me from the over-zealous pruning of broken hierarchies by chkdsk. I have just noticed that there is an option to Recuva the file heirarchy too. If Recuva succeeds in this endeavour I shall be very happy.
  3. This is really minor, but like many people recently I am usign a solid state drive as my system/C drive and it is full! I install programs into my large hard disk D drive. Recuva does not seem to offer me the option of choosing to install in D.
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