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    v2.06 | ini

    I think, embedding the ini files into the executable was a good idea: It makes it easier to carry over customizations to a new CCleaner version. But, in my humble opinion, Piriform should explain how exactly to use the different ini files (1+2) and - more importantly - make the embedded ini files available for download (or did I miss something?). This way, especially new user would have something to start with. Thanks for developing and sharing this great software. Tobias
  2. In my case (WinXP SP2, CCleaner 1.40, Skype 3.2) following keys are concerned: "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\{327C8820-8DED-4BD2-A7F6-D07B9DD5698F}" "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\{A4B980AE-402C-4EA4-9D1B-83A7A8CEE7E4}" I think, the problem is they are empty so they seem useless. But when starting, Skype seems to check whether these keys are here. If not, Windows Installer starts with this message: "Please wait while Windows configures Skype." This problem started with Skype 3.2. I don't think I installed a new version of CCleaner when this occurred for the first time, but I'm not sure anymore. Tobias
  3. I don?t see any process accessing the concerned files. Besides, I tried different times with different files and I always got the same message. And the fact that I can manually delete the files without any problem tends to support the assumption, that CCleaner thwarts itself (maybe CCleaner cleans too fast for my computer?). Tobias
  4. Hi everybody. Up to v1.38 secure deletion caused never any problem. With v1.39 (under WinXP SP2) however, CCleaner is not able anymore to erase all files that are in the Recycle Bin because, according to the error message, these files are already in use (I would say, by CCleaner itself). I had to restore the files and to delete them with Shift+Del. Is it because of one of the changes you made ("Rewritten secure deletion code, Fixed bug in Recycle Bin cleaning")? Does it only happen with a certain PC-configuration? Anyway, thanks for this great software. Tobias
  5. Hello. First of all, thank you for this great tool (and for the last update). Regarding version 1.37: I suggest to change the french translation of "Save all settings to INI file" to "Enregistrer toutes les propri?t?s dans un fichier INI" It seems that CCleaner doesn't remember the prefered gui language (when the settings are saved to an INI file): it always shows the english interface after beeing launched. Tobias
  6. You may export any registry setting with regedit and the flag "/e". To export CCleaner settings you could create a bat file with following content; in this example the settings are saved in the file C:\My Documents\ccleaner-backup.reg: regedit /e "C:\My Documents\ccleaner-backup.reg" "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\CCleaner" But I aggree with Tarun: having all settings saved in a ini file would be great. Tobias
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