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  1. ... and in particular, the section 70% of the way through titled, Managing Settings Made by PCA. As you might have guessed (if not, let me emphatically stress so here) Windows is always a 'piece of work' in progress. CC scoops, first run, right after Windows installs, a host of tlb, etc. entries. All the flag in CC asserts is that the software/script device is not currently doing anything. Regarding Cmicnfgp.cpl, PCA has set it's own flags. The item is not a threat. Like all the tlb's etc. that CC has flagged for deletion. Let PCA do what it does best, namely manage. Don't blame CC. But
  2. 000000000046 will duplicate in the registry when the bridge is broke, because it is a failsafe. The failsafe. Is it a choker that every time CCleaner runs a registry scan, cleans all, and this 000000000046 child mirror reappears? To quote our Horse's Engineer, "That Cleaner is one step away from viral." CC has the starch to actually remove the key for about 1/10,000 of a second. So if the CC key tag system can handle that, why can't it FAIL to report 000000000046 Typelib every time it runs UNLESS there is a legitimate bridge issue? Usual excuse from Piriform is, "Gosh, it was Norton again
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