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  1. I don't uninstall, I just launch the new installer. Can someone tell me if the installation settings are supposed to be saved by default? If they are, then is it possible that CCleaner is actually deleting it's own log file or some other temporary file which stores the settings?
  2. I searched through the forums and didn't see anything about this... Whenever I install CCleaner, I uncheck every box except for "Check Updates". Since it seems every time I run CCleaner there is an update, I have to keep unchecking everything every time. Is there a way for the app to save your installation preferences?
  3. Thank you! I am well aware of what all the features in Advanced actually do. What I am saying is that I had to do what you are describing EVERY time I rebooted after running CCleaner only once, much like the other people in this thread who had the same problem and had to use the Taskbar fix/tools. I had to keep doing this (as well as the other 3 steps in my previous post) every time until I restored my registry backups. Again, I had only run CCleaner once - I do not have it set to run every time Window starts or anything like that, etc.. Thanks again!
  4. i just installed ccleaner last week. i had checked all the advanced options except for custom files/folders. after every reboot i had to: 1) unlock the taskbar 2) select the quicklaunch toolbar 3) re-enable "hide tray icons" 4) re-arrange any desktop icons that were added just prior to running ccleaner. it's as if these 4 items are either being "cleaned" again everytime at startup, or something is preventing them from being re-saved/stored. my permissions are fine and no pertinant folders/files are marked as read-only, etc. i then merged my registry backups and this appears to h
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