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  1. Not only did they drive, but all 14 of of the males accurately drove to the destination. This begs the question - did all the females fail the test ? It is a little funny how that happened (and scary...PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, DO NOT INSTALL ONE OF THOSE BALLS IN YOUR CAR!...please excuse my caps lock there --I meant it playfully). Question is: how long will it be until someone gets the brainy idea of putting the aroma right in front of the ball itself and mass markets something designed around that?
  2. Also, another useless fact (or however many come out in this post): The symbol that a lot of people use in place of the word 'and' is called the ampersand (&). There exists a punctuation mark that is a cross between a question mark and exclamation mark: the interrobang (‽). The term for any punctuation that marks the end of a sentence (period, question mark, exclamation point, etc.) is called a full stop. Antarctica is actually comprised of several islands that happen to be covered by a giant ice shelf, and the South Pole happens to be directly above water, not land covered by a mile-t
  3. Let me take your post and annotate it a bit with my opinions (your original post in bold)
  4. I have a similar problem with mine, detailed in another forum post (39014--link here), but it seems to me from putting the thing to almost a torture test that it is from the gathering of the operating system data. Although this topic is centered around earlier versions (1.17, 1.19, etc.), it still shows in 1.22.536, the last one I tested. My computer is a laptop running on Windows 7 64-bit SP1.
  5. Sorry for missing some very important information: Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit SP1 Speccy Version: 1.22.536 Also, I noticed that the issue still holds when I run the 32-bit version (Speccy.exe) instead of the 64-bit one. EDIT: Also, if a moderator could help me out, I made a large mistake on the title. It should read "Speccy crashes near end of analysis of OS data".
  6. I have all but tortured this thing figuring out where it is, and after running "\path\to\speccy\Speccy64.exe" /debug a lot of times, I figured out that it was the gathering of the OS data that was running into consistent, repeatable crashes. I don't know if it is on Windows itself or Speccy, and from reading the logs, I honestly cannot tell. I have a zip of a whole slew of logs, sorted into folders, attached to this post, and when I started reading through the OS ones, I noticed a trend: they ended in approximately the same place (3 ended at line 124 and 1 at 126) and the same step in the same
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