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  1. ok - so it turned out to be a McAfee issue. I discovered after getting help from Dell and uninstalling McAfee that my PC shut down fine and all was good. Then we reinstalled McAfee and got the same problem again. So I contacted McAfee and they couldn't give me a good answer after running their Virtual Technician so I uninstalled McAfee again and went with another av program that seems to be running just fine. I should say that I'm not sure if CCleaner or Malwarebytes caused this problem to begin with since I didn't mention that I had run a Malwarebytes scan prior to using CCleaner. maybe
  2. EXCUSE ME for answering wrong about the operating system which is Windows XP. I didn't install Ad-Ware until I was advised by this forum to run another av/malware scan but that didn't resolve the problem. I will checkout the MS cleanup service recommended and contact McAfee and post the results here.
  3. Ad-Adware is the last program I downloaded and it is called antivirus. I considered keeping it since I was informed that it would be "compatible" with McAfee but I received an error message anyway so I uninstalled it.
  4. Andavari - I'm using IE8 and this disk drive reading didn't start happening on startup and shutdown until after I ran CCleaner. I just ran another malware scan last night and discovered something when I turned on my PC this morning. I also have McAfee as my main AV program and I got a message from McAfee about this other scan program being installed and it read the disk drive at the same time! I had already noticed that the drive was read on startup so I think this problem might be from McAfee and I'm going to pursue that angle.
  5. I just found this link that has a list of opt-out domains while looking for something on demdex.net http://www.goyabi.com/cookies.php
  6. What I mean is the disk drive is being read for a few seconds each and every time I turn on or turn off my PC. It seems that the scanning of the disk drive is interfering with the shut down process but not every time I want to turn off my PC so that I have to manually switch it off. I'm not sure if the scanning of the disk drive on startup is affecting anything since my PC is behaving much better after using CCleaner except for this disk drive scanning still happening. I will go ahead and check out using another av/malware scan. thanks again-
  7. hello mta - I guess that I spoke too soon since deleting the files didn't fix the prob. I am assuming that CCleaner caused this problem since it never happened before I ran this scan and now it won't quit scanning the disk drive on startup and shutdown. Plus, half the time it stops the shutdown process and I have to turn off the surge protector to shut it down. thanks for your help-
  8. CCleaner doesn't seem to be totally uninstalled since it keeps reading the disk drive when powering up and down. I can hear the chatter of the drive being read and then half the time the system won't shut down. I'm not sure what to look for that still needs to be uninstalled. ty-
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