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  1. I'm a registered CCleaner Business Edition user. I need to do a clean install of CCleaner but have only the installation file for version 4.14 (from the moment I purchased my license). I can't figure out how to download a current (4.17) installation build. I've checked the support page and - as advised - used the License Lookup Tool, but the provided link allows only to download 32-bit msi installation file, not 64-bit. Can anyone tell me how to download 64-bit msi file or simply the exe setup file of the Business Edition?
  2. Can anyone tell me what's the actual difference between Professional and Business editions of CCleaner? The way they are presented in the Home and Business products matrix is unclear and doesn't provide a relevant information. I guess the thing is that Business edition is in fact Professional edition which you can use if you run a company - am I right? However, the Professional edition license does not have any restrictions related to corporate usage (the Free edition has). I've brwosed the web and this forum but found only very old info plus suggestions to ask such question to Pirifor
  3. I have the same issue - on some day CCleaner stopped recognized restore points even though they are present on the drive. I did a full app removal and re-installation but it didn't help
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