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  1. MAIN SYSTEM: Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate - mouse or explorer.exe hands up system completely odify Hi - You guys helped me some time ago with W7 crashing on this machine. Thanks for that. Now, the MAIN machine has not had that problem but recently the mouse (or maybe it is explorer.exe) freezes the system. What I mean is that the mouse and keyboard become unresponsive and whatever programs are funning just stop processing. I installed a new Logitch driver and Setpoint thingie, but they have not helped the situation. Sometimes, I notice it when I I grab windo
  2. On my SECONDARY SYSTEM: I used CCcleaner and now Windows 7 is not genuine. What to do about this?
  3. Thanks, Alan, for you comments on 2013 09 20. Very helpful. sorry that I did not thank you when I read it. Happy New Year!
  4. Thanks, nukecad. I will go there. Did not know they had a forum. So, what exactly does CCleaner do?
  5. [Windows 7 64b Ultimate on Dell T7500] I ran MalwareBytes (machine became very SLOW) and found 627 PUPs. One of them was flagged as serious malware I only choose this PUP marked serious and told MalwareBytes to quarantine it. MalwareBytes said restart of machine necessary to complete job. I rebooted. And, after that on restart Windows "desktop" came back but it is totally black. Mouse moves around screens. Did restart a second time. Same thing. So, I restarted in Safe Mode. Same thing. Mouse moves. Black desktop. So, John_C told me to do F8 "Use
  6. Hi again - I am not sure what size I will change to with the re-partitioning yet. But, I was poking around my C drive and was wondering if someone can tell me if I can delete (or is there a program to do it) any of the attached files in SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION folder that are older than the date of my last reboot. I used Ztree for this list and sorted by size and then by date. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks much for all the great information Alan_B and eL_PuSHeR. I really appreciate it, very, very much. Best to you both.
  8. OK - thanks dvdbane and Derek891 - I understand that defrag will not help me. Maybe you know of a way to identify what is out there so I could take it off independently and, then, make my image. I can not really zip things as this is OS volume and contains only OS and programs. I have already deleted all the temp Internet, etc stuff. - Thanks for your help.
  9. Hi - I have a C drive (Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit) that has only 435 used Gbytes on a 2 TB drive. I am attempting to use an image backup to restore to a 1 TB drive. But, after defrag, the image is still over 1 TB. How can i shrink it further so I can restore to 1 TB drive? Thanks.
  10. Yes, I have found Tweaking.com to be very helpful. Simple to use tools for Windows fixes and a good forum for complicated problems.
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