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  1. nah, at this point. i dont think any of those software will help me. i just want to know if i edit the partition table in Partition Editor inside Parte Magic, would this help me to make the partition to go back from RAW to NTFS so I can try to copy of my files. i anyone has any advise what i can do in order to do this.
  2. Hi Login123 Sorry for the late reply. I was busy with exams and work for the past week. The good news is at least i finished my exam lol. Anyway, to keep you guys inform. I have some good news actually. The trouble hard disk is from my new laptop from last year. Before I switched laptop, I did have a copy of everything from my old laptop. so if i cannot repair this hard disk. the worse case scenario will only be last 1 year of my data. it is not alot but still not good. anyway, so the other day i took a gamble and used Spinrite on my hard disk. it did not give me any warning when i first s
  3. Hi guys thx for all reply. my original idea is trying to do it myself before i go to the pro to give them all my cash! because i was reading around on the net and trying to find a cheaper solution myself. thats why i was asking if i can do any harm to just try to use software like Spinrite as if i do it myself, would this leave me no chance to go to the Pro if ......... now it comes down to the point that i think you guys were telling me that i could end up kill the drive all together if i do anything else (including Spinrite) to it. i was asking about Spinrite cause it pops up quite a
  4. hi. thx for the reply. i tried the chkdsk command you mentioned. it wouldnt work. i could see my files earlier today but my computer now only shown the drive letters and would not even let me see whats inside the drive. also, everytime when i click on it. it will ask me to format it only. when i ran the chkdsk command on that drive. it said "chkdsk command is not avaliable for RAW drive", so does it mean that all my data is gone???
  5. Hi all. I really really need help here. i have this laptop with 750 gb hardisk in it. it started few days ago that acting strangely and wont let me go into windows 7. i booted into safe mode and try to copy my files out from the laptop. it was so slow that it was like 1mb per sec for copying files out consider i have about 350gb of photos and other stuff in it. i had 2 partition in it so i thought my hardisk was infected by virus so i was trying to format the hardisk with a clean installation of windows 7 again but it wont let me so i pulled 2.5 inches hardidsk out and plugged into as usb
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