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  1. nah, at this point. i dont think any of those software will help me. i just want to know if i edit the partition table in Partition Editor inside Parte Magic, would this help me to make the partition to go back from RAW to NTFS so I can try to copy of my files. i anyone has any advise what i can do in order to do this.
  2. Hi Login123 Sorry for the late reply. I was busy with exams and work for the past week. The good news is at least i finished my exam lol. Anyway, to keep you guys inform. I have some good news actually. The trouble hard disk is from my new laptop from last year. Before I switched laptop, I did have a copy of everything from my old laptop. so if i cannot repair this hard disk. the worse case scenario will only be last 1 year of my data. it is not alot but still not good. anyway, so the other day i took a gamble and used Spinrite on my hard disk. it did not give me any warning when i first switch on Spinrite. It mentioned that in Spinrite website that if my drive is about to die, it will be a big red warning when i switch on Spinrite. so i used Spinrite and it stuck at 0.3% for like 13 hours and didnt go anyway. in accordance with Spinrite website. it is normal that it could take a long time for Spinrite to get through 1% of repairing and i can stop anytime for spinrite and resume the recovery after with Spinrite. After 13 hours of waited and no success, so i stopped spinrite and try to restart it again. it GAVE me a big red warning my drive is about to die and do not use Spinrite when I restarted the software so i stopped at the point. Funny enough i was trying hard to get my 1 year data back and someone from the web mentioned that if I seeing RAW disk in windows for my NTFS partition. it usually is my boot sector or partition table corrupt. it can easily fix with software like Testdisk. I ended up using EaseUS Partition Recovery but no success. and I found a way to boot up my computer with Parte Magic. i dont know if i have mentioned this or not. when i was booting up the drive in Ubuntu. it recognized the drive and partition but it wont let me mount it. I started Testdisk in Parte Magic. it was the same. i can see the partition letter in Parte Magic but wont let me mount it. I accidentally opened Partition Editor inside Parte Magic and it showed my RAW Disk partition as NTFS in Partition Editor but there is an explanation mark next to my NTFS partition. i didnt go any further after. i was wondering. will i be able to use Partition Editor with Parte Magic to make my drive visible again in Windows so that I can copy out my data?
  3. Hi guys thx for all reply. my original idea is trying to do it myself before i go to the pro to give them all my cash! because i was reading around on the net and trying to find a cheaper solution myself. thats why i was asking if i can do any harm to just try to use software like Spinrite as if i do it myself, would this leave me no chance to go to the Pro if ......... now it comes down to the point that i think you guys were telling me that i could end up kill the drive all together if i do anything else (including Spinrite) to it. i was asking about Spinrite cause it pops up quite abit in my search and i went to their customer testimonial page and check the comment. of course, those guys that could be telling people lie as well which i dont know and i could be really wrong about it. but anyway, i guess you guys giving me alot of info to think about anyway, the opinion, the more welcome. THX again guys!
  4. hi. thx for the reply. i tried the chkdsk command you mentioned. it wouldnt work. i could see my files earlier today but my computer now only shown the drive letters and would not even let me see whats inside the drive. also, everytime when i click on it. it will ask me to format it only. when i ran the chkdsk command on that drive. it said "chkdsk command is not avaliable for RAW drive", so does it mean that all my data is gone???
  5. Hi all. I really really need help here. i have this laptop with 750 gb hardisk in it. it started few days ago that acting strangely and wont let me go into windows 7. i booted into safe mode and try to copy my files out from the laptop. it was so slow that it was like 1mb per sec for copying files out consider i have about 350gb of photos and other stuff in it. i had 2 partition in it so i thought my hardisk was infected by virus so i was trying to format the hardisk with a clean installation of windows 7 again but it wont let me so i pulled 2.5 inches hardidsk out and plugged into as usb drive in my desktop. it can read the drive alright and i can see all my data inside but it wont let me copy everything out and the speed for copying was like 2mb per second as well. it will take me like may be 2 weeks to copy out all my files if no interruption from the harddisk stopping. actaully, i was trying to open some of the files inside but it wont let me either. also, my desktop windows keep complaining my 2.5 inches partition which the one without windows has error. so i deleted it in windows and recreated a partition alongside withthe other partition with data in it. for today, i was on an off trying to copy my files out from the 2.5 inches harddisk but without any success. i always was trying to use norton disk doctor to repair the disk but it wont work. and tonight, the unthinkable happened. when i booted into windows and plug in the usb cable for my 2.5 inches harddisk. windows 7 can see the drive is there but when i click on it. it asked me to format the drive and i cannot go into the drive anymore so i cant even see any of my filesssssssss. it also gave me a message saying h:\ IS NOT ACCESIBLE "DATA ERROR (CYCLE REDANDANCY CHECK)" can anyone tell me that is my drive is completely dead and i can kiss it goodbye?? ((((((( i found this link about Spinrite. Would Spinrite work for dead hardisk like mine? i dont want to fix the drive but i just want to copy out my data because it has many of my family photos from the past and i dont want to lose it. does anyone has any idea if any software i can recover my data at all? please advise. Thank you.
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